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hot damn that was a lot of responses to my post yesterday on how we decide what to read next!  just…. wow!  Thanks to everyone who responded, it’s going to take me a while to respond to everyone’s comments, please don’t hate me too much.

There was something that prompted that post.  I ordered a couple of titles I’ve been meaning to buy for a long time. I requested a few ARCs from publishers (I try to only request something that I KNOW I am going to read). I found some old stuff I wanted on paperback swap.

Everything showed up at the same time, nearly gave the poor mailman a coronary.  and this doesn’t include the three other ARCs I requested, which should show up any day.

Thanks to an Amazon giftcard I   purchased:

Miserere 3 parts dead

I did specifically request the Jon Sprunk, but the others were just happy surprises. Sent to me by very kind and friendly publishers:

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Open Discussion:


We all own a ton of books. And then we buy some more books. And then we borrow from the library or from friends. and then there is netgalley. you might have a few of ARCs sitting on the coffee table.

How do you decide what to read next?  How do you prioritize?


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Wow, where did the beginning of December go?  Christmas is right around the corner, and then January. . .  and then, well, January is sort of the start of some explosions for me.  So in preparation for that, I won’t be doing much in the way of formal book reviews and expected blog posts for the rest of the year.  Sure, I’ve got another read along post (N.K. Jemisin is holy shit AMAZING btw), a “best of the year” post, and one more book review in the works, but I’m taking the rest of December easy.   Taking a breather to mentally prepare for January.

That said, let’s just have some fun discussions.   I’ll shamelessly steal discussion questions from i09,  Sunday Salon posts, and discussion memes, and we can just sit around and chat in the comments.

First random discussion question:

What’s your guilty pleasure in books?

this was on my mind recently, because I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that super hot sex scenes is a major guilty pleasure of mine.  No thanks to reading The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, which for not having a ton of actual sex, has a ton of insanely steamy scenes.

I also have a major weakness for snarky, swear word filled dialog.  But that’s not so much a guilty pleasure, as I can find it just about anywhere.


Your turn!  Take it over in the comments!

Vintage SF badge
I knew Vintage Month was going to be awesome, but ya’ll broke the mold this time!

20 bloggers posted over 40 reviews and discussions, there were guest posts, a giveaway (which still has a few hours left in it, go win yourself some goodies!), and new bonds formed in the blogging community. Wow people, is there anything we can’t do?  The only bad thing was that there was so much going on I couldn’t keep up with it! I wasn’t even able to comment on all the reviews, and I do apologize for that.

And I couldn’t have done any of this without YOU.  Give yourselves a round of applause for rocking it out AGAIN. Here’s a listing of everyone I know of who participated. If you should be on this list, and aren’t, shout at the top of your lungs in the comments, and I’ll fix it up.

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Whether you posted one book review or ten, or did a discussion post or a guest post, or tweeted or retweeted or simply lurked and enjoyed what you saw on other people’s blogs, I give you my heartfelt and sincerest thanks for spending the darkest days of winter with me and being willing to read some crunchy paperbacks by authors we’d never heard of.

I got some totally sweet stuff coming up in February too. A little less in the crunchy-dead-person department, but still, rockin’ cool stuff is heading our way! (also, spring might be heading our way, which is also damn cool)

After the second call in a week from our local bookstore letting us know something I’d ordered had come in, my hubby says to me “What would you do if you had to read all the unread books in the house before you could bring any more books home?”  My response was a look of utter terror.  Me, not bring books home? it’s against the laws of physics!

on a scale of one to ten of enjoyment, I give reading a ten.

on a scale of one to ten of enjoyment, I give finding new interesting books a ten.

But I buy/borrow/library them far faster than I can possibly read them.

Our home really does look like a library threw up. books are stacked upon and stacked upon each other, the bookshelves are sagging. I have no discipline, whatsoever.  It isn’t a spending problem, as most of the books are purchased used or on loan from friends or the library. It’s a space thing. and a discipline thing. I don’t have the kind of free time that I did once upon a time, but I’m still interacting with books like I have all the free time in the world.

So dear bookish friends, how do you manage to get through the stack of books you want to read without getting distracted by a hundred other books that you want to read?  Or should I just revel in the beauty of being surrounded by hundreds of my favorite fetish object, the book?

Mine has a cat that greets me at the door.

and before you suggest it, “just don’t go to the bookstore/library!” isn’t going to work for me. the bookstore lures me in with their friendly cat, and everyone there knows me.  it’s my Cheers.  and don’t go to the library? yeah, like that’s going to happen. the library is my place of zen, my monastery, where I go when I need to relax and mentally detox.

I wonder if they do interlibrary loan?

thoughts? suggestions? maybe I should put my library card in a sooper seekrit hiding place, so seekrit that I forget where it is?  Move further into the country, so the bookstore isn’t so convenient?

I’m feeling some anxiety about this whole thing.  Nothing a quick trip to the library won’t cure! ;)

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as a surprise, a very good friend of mine lent me her kindle, preloaded with a few anthologies I’m interested in, and two Neal Asher novels, which I was very interested in. She certainly knew how to tease me.

Change, to mis-quote Agent Smith, is inevitable.

After a few days of staring at the thing, I decided I better pick it up and start using it. What if I couldn’t figure out how it worked?  what if I broke it (Don’t worry E, it’s perfectly safe!)?  GULP, what if I liked it, and had all this time been a super-hypocrite of e-readers??

Here’s goes nuthin’, right?

Granted, I have read PDFs of books before, but they were usually exactly that – a PDF of the printed version, complete with page numbers at the bottom, identifiers at the top, chapter page breaks, etc. On the screen it looked exactly like the page of a book, and if I printed it out, it looked like I’d photocopied a page out of the printed book.

but these true e-books? these are  interesting beasts.  I feel like a scifi character on a mission of first contact. Will I be able to communicate with the alien? will their technology dwarf mine? how does their language and syntax compare to what I’m used to?
Some nice surprises that I liked about the Kindle, and the e-book experience:

The skinnyness of the thing is very nice. It nestles perfectly in my purse, and I feel very sophisticated reading from it during lunchtime at work. It also has a super durable leather cover, offering a little bit of tactile interaction, and a lot of protection.  I’m not a klutz, but a little extra protection on an expensive electronic gizmo is always a plus.

The buttons and menus are very intuitive. it holds a battery charge a long time, and even better it uses the same universal charger as my cell phone. It took me less than 5 minutes of messing with the thing to figure out the basic menu options, how to tell how much battery was left, etc. Intuitiveness is a big plus for non-techies like me.

And the things that shouldn’t have been a surprise, but were:

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We’ve all read them. Some of us like them. Some of us are utterly turned off by them. Some of us find them deliciously alluring, and find that we crave them. Sounds like i’m talking about an anti-hero, but nope, I’m talking about antihero’s black sheep of a redheaded stepchild, the unlikeable character.

And the sixty four thousand dollar question is, how unlikeable does a protagonist have to be for the reader to truly and utterly dislike them, to the point of not giving a shit about the end of the story?

First of all, what makes a character unlikeable? It’s going to be different for every reader,  because we all have our own very personal hangups, everyone is annoyed and/or deeply troubled by different things. Maybe the character never grows beyond a weakness and enjoys their own helplessness. Maybe they hate them self. Maybe they are a sociopath, or apathetic or a manipulative jerk or nihilistic or something more obvious like being cruel to animals. The thing is, if we read enough, we will all eventually run into a character we can’t stand.

Okay, so we’ve met a protagonist we can’t stand. The person  eats live kittens for breakfast and then tasers kindergarteners followed by watching entire seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians and Jerseylicious on TiVo.  or something equally horrific.

Now what?

Is it possible to enjoy a book that stars an unlikeable character, or is populated by them?

What’s been your experience with characters like that?

Is it sometimes a good thing to be exposed to characters and character traits that we can’t stand?

Since we’re talking about books, do you respond differently to unlikeable characters in movies or on tv?



spoiler of uselessness: I finished two books in the last 24 hours.  I gotsta write me some reviews and post ‘em.  One of the books involves a severely unlikeable character, someone who I had a hard time giving a rat’s ass about, and thus, a difficult time figuring out how i felt about the book, yet I found the book impossible to put down and zipped through it. The other features supremely delightful characters, and I adored every page of it. When you see the titles of the books, I hope to hell it is obvious which book is which.

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