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david towseyIn keeping with the theme of reading creepy books for Halloween, I’m just thrilled about today’s interview. David Towsey’s debut novel, Your Brother’s Blood came out last year, and his second novel, Your Servants And Your People will be released in the UK in early November.  A very unusual zombie series, the zombies in the The Walkin’ Trilogy die, get up, and then go on with their lives as if nothing too unusual happened.

David was kind enough to answer a few of my questions about his engrossing new series, what’s so fun about writing zombie fiction, and writing to the tune of, well, you’ll see!


LRR: Congratulations on the upcoming release of Your Servants and Your People, the second book in your The Walkin’ trilogy! what can you tell us about this series, and about the directions the story will go in the second book? (that is, if you can tell us without spoilers!)

DT:  Thanks! It’s a funny feeling anticipating a sequel release; equal parts exciting and terrifying. The series is a post-apocalyptic zombie-western with a twist (because that wasn’t enough already, right?)

your servants and your people

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