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The Enterprise of Death, by Jesse Bullington

published in March 2011

Where I got it: the library

why I read it:  covered in alchemical symbols, how could I not read it?







This book was absolutely disgusting. At times gut bustingly funny, and often intriguingly mysterious, it was still pretty disgusting. Weak stomachs need not apply, especially if reading about necrophilia obsessed necromancers didn’t make your bucket list.

The geography at the beginning of the book is purposely a little fuzzy, because as a Harem slave, young Awa is quite ignorant of where she lives (Somewhere in Northern Africa is a good guess).  While she and another house slave are escorting their Mistress Omorose to her new home, bandits strike, and the threesome never makes it where they are going.  Kidnapped by undead bandits and brought to a mountaintop (possibly in Andalusia?) the three offered a choice: become the apprentices of the necromancer who lives there, or die.  Only Awa survives.

Years pass. Awa learns the arts of the necromancer. She grows up unaware of Renissance Europe, unaware of the Inquisition and the punishments exacted on witches.  It’s not long before Awa accidentally uses her newly gained knowledge to do something unspeakable to Omorose’s raised corpse, and soon after she is cursed by the Necromancer. Could her life possibly get any worse? Omorose wants to kill her, and the Necromancer’s curse states that in 10 years he will return to obliterate Awa’s soul, but in that time frame the dead can not harm her.
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Ahh, the smell  and feel of new books.  Even if they are only new-to-me.  Even if they came from the library and I have to give them back. They are still the physical object known as book, usually smooth on the outside by not always, often shiny and sometimes embossed.  Sometimes with print on three of six faces,  alluring cover art or none at all, dearest book thing how do I love you?

Allow me to introduce you to my latest aquirrings:

Terminal World, by Alastair Reynolds.

I didn’t have much luck with Reynolds’ debut novel, Revelation Space,  it was an “almost” book for me. Almost awesome, but not quite.  So when Terminal World was announced as my local SF group’s October read, I was excited to give Reynolds another shot. I’m about 100 pages in, and so far, so good!

The photo doesn’t do it justice at all, but the cover art is stunning. It’s embossed, so the light reflects of the artwork in all sorts of alluring ways.   and it’s got air ships!  Let’s see if I can get a decent close up of the cover art:

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