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 You know how I’m constantly railing about how much I hate cheesy romance stories, cover art featuring half naked people and angsty romance stories in general?

It was all a lie.

Well, mostly a lie. A lot of the American style urban fantasy romance paranormal whatever you want to call it doesn’t do a damn thing for me. The covers feature half naked people with unrealisticly perfect bodies who stare smolderingly. The story follows some flighty chick who has magical powers but has to make a choice between different men – the unatainable hottie who doesn’t notice her, the guy whose in her league but who doesn’t respect her, or a third as yet unmet gent. Yeah, doesn’t do a thing for me.

Ahh, but Ha SiHyun’s manhwa series Comic is just so adorable that I can’t put it down. The covers feature Alice, the main character, dressed cutely, or one of her many love interests in some state of undress sporting unrealistic bodies and staring smolderingly. She might not have any magical powers, but she is a talented yet flighty young artist trying to balance finishing high school and working as a mangwha artist. Not to mention her love interests, which include the unatainable older hottie who barely notices her, a guy whose in her league but doesn’t respect her, and third gent who shows up later. Yeah, I can’t get enough of this stuff.

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