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Grandfather Clock, a clockpunk horror wonder, sees all that happens beneath every clock face in the city. Families and shop owners without a clock in every room can be considered traitorous, and can be harassed or arrested at any moment by his Goldcloaks, men who have given their lives and natural bodies to Grandfather Clock’s cause of strict logic and perfect motion. Mama Engine lives forever in the Stack, a black-cloud-belching prison in the center of the city. She requires human bodies to work her engines and power her machines. The orphans and thieves of the city know if they are ever caught by Mama Engine’s Blackcloaks, their humanity will be lost to the Stack. For some children and residents of Whitechapel, however, this comes as relief. They have yet to learn there are worse things than death. Grandfather Clock and Mama Engine are not people; they are the Whitechapel Gods. And Baron Atlas Hume and beggar king John Scared are their prophets.

In S.M. Peters’ fantastically re-rendered, slum-ridden Victorian Whitechapel, the world is ruled by steam, metal and oil. Most residents of the city have been affected in some way by the Clacks, a mechanical disease where the body is slowly infected with gears, machinery, oil and steam. This is romantic steampunk gone lethal.

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