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The first post on my January Vintage SciFi not-a-challenge got so much comments/conversation, I figured it was time to do a teeny bit more planning and organizing for this thing. Cuz thanks to everyone’s (that’s YOU by the way!) excitement , it looks like it’s gonna be big and awesome.

let’s get right to the FAQs.

What counts as vintage?   I’m gonna say anything Science Fiction that was published before 1979.  Sword and Sorcery counts. Sci-Fantasy counts. short stories count. Jules Verne and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein count. Anthologies count. If it was published before I was born and you consider it Science Fiction, it counts.

What’s a not-a-challenge?  Exactly what it sounds like.  This isn’t a challenge, it’s just a fun thing to help garner some attention to all that wonderful classic, golden age, vintage SF that influenced many of your favorite contemporary writers. Other than Herbert, Asimov and Heinlein,  I’m woefully underread in the classics, so this is my chance to make up for some of that. There are no sign ups, no points, no contests, no prizes. Read one vintage SF book or 10, or 50 or Zero. Actually, don’t read 50, that would make me look like a total slacker. and then I’d cry.

How can bloggers who are participating identify themselves?  I’ll come up with some kinda badge-y jpg thing, soon, I promise. you can put it in the side bar, or in the post, or whatever you feel like doing.  If I’m really smart, I’ll start a Vintage SF tab up top on the page and you can post your links in the comments section.

On Twitter? use #vintageSciFi

Need some suggestions? There are plenty in the comments of the original post, and feel free to post in the comments what you plan to read, hope to read, or types of stories you’d like to read (first contact, space opera, YA, etc), and I’ll bet others will offer plenty of suggestions to help you out.  In fact, I already took a few suggestions from Richard:

Ok, he didn’t suggest Regan’s Planet by Silverberg, but it’s a Silverberg!  Resistance is Futile.

I’ve been feeling a little retro, a little vintage, dare I say it, a little classic lately.   a few months ago one of my fave bookstores got in a huge stash of vintage SF,  and very time I go there I end up buying some.    A friend got me hooked on Andre Norton. I discovered two Frank Herbert titles I’d never even heard of.  I’m getting really good at the sniff test.

With so much “new to me” classic SF sitting around, and my terrible habit of saying I’ll get to it later (and then never getting to it), I’ve decided January is going to be VINTAGE MONTH at Little Red Reviewer.

Not so much as “challenge” as a way of making old things new again, I invite you to join me.

Brush off your Doyle, unbury your Asimovs and your Howards and your Burroughs. Dig out your Vernes and Shelleys and Blishs.

More details to come, but this January, prepare to party like it’s 1959.

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