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Remember my book haul from the other day?  shortly after I posted that, I picked up this beauty:

Why yes, that is Charles Vess artwork on a Subterranean Press limited edition of a new novella by one of my favorite authors!  It’s so pretty I almost don’t want to touch it.  almost.

And yes, yes there is more:

I want to trace that signature over and over again, learn the shapes and patterns my hands and fingers make, and memorize the order, turn the movements into a mantra.

and then the logical part of my brain starts ticking. . .

number 56? Maybe she got to this one before her hand got tired.  Do authors sign all the books all in one day of wrist wrenching carpal tunnel risking signature scrawling? Or do they do a dozen at a time? Do the pop in the extended edition of Star Wars to stave off the boredom? what if the author messes up or the pen runs out?

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