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New goodies!

Posted on: May 24, 2017

I am out of  bookshelves, and there are now stacks of books next to the shelves, stacks that grow taller by the week and are threatening to fall over. I may have to start hiding books under the bed. There is a book cull in my future, that is for sure.

So of course I couldn’t help myself, and bought some more books!

At book club last week, instead of having the whole group read the same book, the club’s organizer put a stack of Hugo award winning authors on the table and told us each to pick something that looked interesting.  I grabbed The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Leguin. I may have read this when I was a kid? But if I did I was too young to understand it.

Over the weekend, I went to one of Michigan’s largest used bookstores (not the largest, but it’s pretty big!!) with a friend, and although I wanted to buy everything, I came home with just a few items. And yes, I got lost in the bookstore.

from the non-fiction rooms

Maximum City is about Mumbai, and the Carl Sagan book is, I’m not 100% sure what it covers but it is sure to be enlightening.  I hope that while I read it I hear Sagan’s comforting voice.


And now for the scifi!

Connie Willis is one of those authors I keep meaning to read more from, as I recommend her Doomsday Book novel to anyone who will listen.  I’ve been meaning to read Blackout forever. As for Venus on the Halfshell, I’ve been a Vonnegut since high school. If the book is as entertaining as the opening biographical sketch of Trout, you’ll be hearing me laughing from miles away. For those of you not familiar with Kilgore Trout, I’ll just leave this here.


Happy Reading!

10 Responses to "New goodies!"

You need to get / build MORE SHELVES.


Beside that, some interesting things there. I’d rate the Le Guin as the best, but I know nothing about Wills.


yes, but then i would just buy even more books! We have some dead space above the top shelves in two of our closets, and I’ve found some organizer things that will fit up there and can function as book shelves. those shelves weren’t designed for books, but at least it will get books off the floor.


Books under the bed might be my next step too. My linen closet is already pulling double duty as a shelf, haha 😀


hmm. . . the linen closet. that’s a good idea! and we don’t need all these towels and sheets, right? 😀


I’m absolutely filling up our linen closet with books until we can get some shelves built.


I had a hard time with Left Hand of Darkness. The pacing was too slow for me. (I like fast-moving books.) I’ll be interested to know what you think.


I do better with faster paced too. so, we’ll see what happens.


Love Left Hand of Darkness. In my top 10 of SF novels.Liked Willis’s Doomsday Book but Blackout didn’t sound as interesting to me. Besides it’s only one half of the novel. The second is All Clear. Lot of pages there.Venus on the Half Shell is a lot of fun if you are a Vonnegut fan.


the good thing about Blackout and All Clear is that there are about a zillion copies of them floating around. Very easy to pick up at any used bookstore. If I enjoy Blackout enough to continue reading, getting the 2nd one won’t be an issue.

and I am a HUGE Vonnegut fan!


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