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What Joseph didn’t mention in his bio is that the last name isn’t coincidence: he’s related to Roman Starzl.  If that’s not bragging points, I don’t know what is!

On Roman Starzl and In The Orbit of Saturn, a guest post by Joseph Starzl

Joseph Starzl is a science fiction and fantasy aficionado in his early twenties, currently living at a children’s home in Santa Barbara, Honduras. When not roaming the halls of the bilingual elementary school he works at, “Mr. José” can usually be spotted playing soccer with a gaggle of kids, huddled over a computer screen typing away, or lounging on a hammock with a good book. If you’d like to follow Joseph and his random ruminations, you can read his on-line journal:

Considered by some to be one of the critical pioneers of science fiction, Roman Frederick Starzl wrote some twenty stories between 1928-1934; he was notably featured numerous times in Amazing Stories. The owner of a newspaper in LeMars, Iowa, Starzl began writing for financial reasons related to his newspaper business, and retired from writing science fiction once his monetary issues were resolved— his pragmatic motives, however, did nothing to dilute the quality of his writing. Roman Starzl is most appreciated for his story “Out of the Sub-Universe,” in which he explores the already established concept of a microscopic world-within-a-world, but adds the critical element of relative time; the blink of an eye in one world lasts millions of years in the other, a discovery with tragic consequences for those who seek to travel between the two.

Despite his contributions to the genre, Roman Starzl has mostly faded into obscurity, though if you look in the right places his writing can still be found. Fortunately, some of his stories can even be downloaded for free from the Project Gutenberg website. I recently read one such story, “In the Orbit of Saturn”.

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