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Welcome to our The Hobbit read-along, part one! These questions are for chapters 1-7.  Post your answers here, or on your own site.  If you do a post, leave your link in the comments, and Geeky Daddy and myself will edit our co-hosting pages to include a direct link to your post.

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This week’s questions were provided by Geeky Daddy:

1. What were your expectations starting The Hobbit ?(If you never read it before)
(For those who have read the Hobbit) Did you learn something during reading that you missed from the last time you read it?

2. What would have been your thoughts if 13 strangers came in your house and wanted to fed and housed in a moments notice?

3. What has been your favorite part of Bilbo’s journey so far?

4. Where do you think the group would be without Gandalf?

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