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The people of the planet of Botanica live on the island, and they live for and by the tree.  The giant tree, which takes up most of the island, provides food, shade, building materials, and nearly all the resources the people could need. Lillah and her friends have come of age, which means it is time to leave her village (known as Orders) of Ombu with her school.  While this is a huge opportunity for the children to learn how things are done in other orders and trade skills and gifts, it will be the teachers only opportunity for courting and finding husbands.  For five years, the school will travel the island.

Rhizo, a village woman, asks Lillah to take her son, Morace with her in the school.  Rhizo thinks she may have the wasting disease known as Spikes, and fears for the life and health of her son.  Rhizo exacts a promise from Lillah that not only will she protect Morace and his secret, but that she will deliver him to Rhizo’s family in a far flung Order. This puts Lillah in a very difficult situation – even if she finds an order she wants to stay at, she can’t leave the school until she gets Morace to his family.  Beyond finding a husband and protecting Morace, Lillah hopes to find her estranged mother as well.

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some of the books reviewed here were free ARCs supplied by publishers/authors/other groups. Some of the books here I got from the library. the rest I *gasp!* actually paid for. I'll do my best to let you know what's what.