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Book Blogger Hop

Wow TGIFriday! I’ve been looking forward to the week ending since, umm, about Monday? Tomorrow is a local chili cookoff, so I’m super excited to stuff myself full of chili and vote for the best!

and today is the Friday Blog Hop!

First time visitor? It’s Graphic Novel November here at Little Red Reviewer, and we’re about a week into it. Some serious stuff, some silly stuff, quite a bit of Japanese stuff. Scroll down a bit to the archives on the right to check out October’s articles, if picture book’s ain’t your thing – plenty of scifi, fantasy, steampunk, mystery, and weird stuff.

today’s blog hop question:

“What are your feelings on losing followers? Have you ever stopped following a blog?”

I am a horrible person.  My answer to the first one honestly is I don’t really care.  This is a very, very, very niche blog, and not everyone is into all the weird stuff I’m into. If you visit and post, that’s wonderful, it means you saw something that kept your attention for more than 5 seconds, and that i’m posting things that you find interesting.  that’s wonderful.  but maybe you’re not into scifi, fantasy, or this weird japanese manga stuff?  know what?  that’s OK too.

Book Blogger Hop

Hosted by Crazy for Books, the blog hop is a fun way to say Hi to book bloggers you already know, and meet new friends.

If this is your first time at Little Red Reviewer, Welcome! I review mostly scifi, fantasy, new weird, graphic novels, a litle bit of non fiction, and if you know where to look, even a little romance. Take a look around, check out the review index, make your self at home.

I’m getting super excited for November, when it’ll be Manga and Graphic Novel November around here. Check out the Manga and Graphic Novels link at the very top for more info. Is gonna be awesome!

Anyways, back to the hop. This week’s question is:

“Where is your favorite place to read? Curled up on the sofa, in bed, in the garden?”

My most favorite place is where I am right now. On the comfy sofa, with a coffee within reach. I so love this old squishy comfy sofa. We got it for free a few years ago when some friends at work were getting new furniture, and it’s so ugly, such a peice of garbage, and it’s falling apart. But it’s so squishy (terrible for your back!) and so comfy if you’re sitting sideways (like I am right now). My husband and I fight over who gets to sit in this spot when we’re watching tv. and the coffee maker just told me something wonderful is ready. 🙂

When the weather is nice, I do enjoy sitting outside and reading, but I hardly ever get anything actually read, because there are so many wonderful distractions out there. look at the bird! look at the flower! look, there’s my neighbor! hey, you can hear the train! look at the tree! look at the bug! I’m like a chipmunk on speed out there.

Book Blogger Hop
A great question on the friday blog hop this week, one that’s crossed my mind many times:

“When you read a book that you just can’t get into, do you stick it out and keep reading or move to your next title?”


it depends on the book.  If it’s just some random book from the library, I put it down and don’t worry about it.  Maybe I’ll pick up a few days later, maybe not.  But if it’s something I’ve really been looking  forward to, or something I have made an obligation to review, I better stick it out!  Many times I’ve been happily surprised by a book that started out slow, but had such a crazy ending, the 600+ pages it took to get there was worth it (Neal Stephenson, I’m looking at you!)

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Book Blogger Hop

Fascinating question on the blog hop this week!

“How do you spread the word about your blog?”

Like everyone else, I started out posting some reviews, lurking on other people sites. . .and then I got that first hit. and that first comment. and I discovered subscriptions and googlereader and tag surfer. . and it was a whole new world of how to find bloggers that were reading and reviewing stuff that I wanted to read, and review too!  But how to get people to visit me in return?

Post meaningful comments on someone else’s blog, and they will probably visit you back.  Book Blogs Ning, BBAW, Blog Hop, memes, all great places to find new friends and posts that spark your interest. Google search your favorite authors, see what sites come up that end in .wordpress or .blogspot.  I love wordpress tag surfer.  Post about China Mieville or George R R Martin? I am so there.  and I’m commenting on the posts. And I’m exploring the rest of their sites to see what other posts they have that look interesting, and commenting on those.   This blog is set to post to my facebook. I hit “publish”, all my friends see it.  I’m thinking about trying the twitter thing, but I’m not sure if I could put the time into it that it would need.

All in the name of finding cool site that match my tastes, so I can comment on their stuff in hopes they will find something of interest on my site.

Not to mention make my TBR pile explode!  Again!

Book Blogger Hop

Here from the Hop? Welcome! This blog is primarily scifi and fantasy, with some magic realism, graphic novels, and other fun stuff thrown in. Have a look around, check out the review index, it’s all good.

TGIFriday! the end of a workweek means it’s time to sit back, relax, and blog hop friday! Today’s question is When you write reviews, do you write them as you are reading or wait until you have read the entire book?

hmmmm. . . a little bit of both. I’ll usually take notes while I’m writing, about foreshadowing, prose style, characters or events that really catch my eye, the story under the story, etc. My family knows when a book is getting the full treatment when I’m got a few peices of paper covered in notes folded up and tucked into the back of the book. Once I’ve finished the book, I’ll let everything percolate in my brain for a day or two, then pull out my notes, and get cracking!

A problem does come up when a book is so engrossing that I don’t take a single note.

how about you? What is your method of attack?

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