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Reviews I’d like to write

Posted on: November 24, 2018

I’ve been reading plenty lately!  Have I written any reviews? Nope.  hmmm…   guess I better get on that.

Here are some teasers on what I’ve read lately:

Not sure that I enjoyed Noumenon Infinity enough to write a full length review of it,  it might get a quickie one paragraph write up or something.  My favorite character hardly makes an appearance, I found the plot to be clunky and too much jumping around, and the ending was not a surprise at all.  There – done.

The Monster Baru Cormorant – damn did I love this book!  this book has a much, much wider range than the first one, I want to read it again, cover to cover, before writing the review. I feel like on the first read through I wasn’t focusing on the right things.

The Calculating Stars  is my  local book club’s book for this month. What a fun, fast, read!   This book isn’t dense, but there is a LOT jammed into it, and it’s just the beginning of the story. I can see why Kowal did a duology.


I just finished this forthcoming Tim Powers novella this morning, quite a fun read!  Would make an excellent novel if he wanted to expand it. Has the Power’s treats of parallel worlds, raising the dead, body switching, and people who are convinced that they know how all this stuff works.


How about you?

What have you read lately? Was it good?

When you’ve read a bunch of stuff, but you’re behind on actually writing the reviews, what do you do?

Sometimes I just never write the reviews, sometimes i reread the book to get excited about the story again,  sometimes i read all the reviews on Amazon to get some inspiration, sometimes I bribe myself “No more episodes of Great British Baking Show until you write a review!”


6 Responses to "Reviews I’d like to write"

Most of what I read is for publishers, so I “have” to write reviews, even when I’m not in the mood😂

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apparently i just needed to have a little pity party for myself as a kick in the pants. because now I magically have motivation to write reviews, and if not write full reviews, at least write up a bunch of notes that can become a short review.


I’m trying to do more “Short Review Roundups” where I clear out a backlog with several quickie one paragraph reviews, although I’ve wound up doing most of these for movies and TV shows.


yeah, I need to do that too. Better something short than nothing at all.

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I’m so far behind in reviewing, but can’t seem to stop reading (okay, it’s not like I’ve tried). I’m working on writing short reviews so I can post them more quickly, but mostly I’m just failing and getting further behind. Here’s to hoping for some blog-writing time this holiday season!


Yeah, I tried to tell myself “no more picking up new books until you have reviewed at least one thing in this stack!” I wrote up some notes. . . and then picked up another book to read.


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