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Infoquake, by David Louis Edelman

Published in 2006

where I got it: Library







“trust me”. . . “what could possibly go wrong?”  I love it when a story starts out with phrases like that. Means I’m in for a fun ride, because having characters utter phrases like that is akin to leaving a gun on the table.  You know everything that could possibly go wrong will, in ways you could never imagine.

On this future Earth, “bio-logics”, biological software, similar to nanobots, runs through your blood, through your brain, through your guts,  allowing humanity to work smarter. Governments are organizations you sign up for, not live under.   Thanks to  bio-logics programming and the Multi Network, business transactions and personal meetings are done virtually.  This isn’t quite a Neuromancer future, but it’s a stop on the way. Most certainly not a world I ever want to wake up in, but it sure is a blast to read about!

The bio-logics industry is massive.  A million little fiefcorps write programming all day long, hoping to make it big, make it to number one on Primo’s (sort of a cross between a stock exchange, Consumer Reports, and an uncorruptable search engine). Natch, the charming and brilliant master of the Natch Personal Programming Fiefcorp has a plan to make it to number one.  He could become very rich very fast, or he could crash the entire system.  If only he trusted his employees enough to tell them what the hell he’s up to.

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