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Our Dune read along was such a success (thanks to YOU of course!) that I’ve decided to jump right in and do it again. I was so very impressed by the response and how many people were interested in diving into a classic SF book that maybe wasn’t their cup of tea, that I felt it’s only fair for me to do the same for a classic Fantasy series.

Yes, yours truly, who just over a year ago swore she would never read fantasy because she hated it (and then I read The Name of the Wind, and wow did that change everything!) will not only be reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings this summer and fall, but co-hosting a read along with Geeky Daddy.  

I hope you’ll join us on our trip to Middle Earth, whether you’ve read LOTR a million times, once, or like me, have only seen the movies. personally, I couldn’t be more excited about the whole thing!

We’ll be taking three to four weeks to read and discuss each book, with discussions starting on Saturdays. Here’s the tentative schedule for starting each book:

The Hobbit-August 8
Fellowship of the Ring-September 1
The Two Towers-October 1
Return of the King-November 1
Children of Hurin- December 1

Geeky Daddy and I will be taking turns hosting guided discussions.  We hope you’ll join us.   To receive the guided discussion questions, just leave a reply here or on Geeky Daddy’s website.  Even if you don’t the mailing list, you are welcome to read along and post your thoughts.


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