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earlier today, my husband randomly asks me “Do you think people could really live with artificial intelligence? Not AI in computers, but real live artificial intelligence?”

So many angles of this question to tackle.  I thought of the movie AI Artificial Intelligence (one of my favorite movies, by the way). I thought of Hal9000. I thought of Data from Star Trek. I’m in the middle of reading Use of Weapons by Iain Banks, so I thought of that, the drones, the Minds.  I thought of Siri. I thought of Madeline Ashby, Ted Chiang,  and every book I’ve ever read where someone began to care for an AI and something went sour.


And notice he didn’t say “will we”, but “could we”, which got me thinking about how people react when facing a very large change in their life that they have no control over.  What about people who are very religious? Do AIs have souls? will it matter? What about the Amish? Will AIs only be for rich people, or will they be as cheap and available as a pay-as-you go cell phone?  If AIs became commonplace, would people have the choice to interact with them or not?

“Sure”, I responded. “It’ll be just like smartphones. All the kids raised with them will think it’s second nature, but us grown ups will have a tough time getting used to it.”

That was a fairly pedestrian answer.

So now it’s your turn:

Do you think people could really live with artificial intelligence? Not AI in computers, but real live artificial intelligence?

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