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Hi Everyone!  This week is Bookblogger Appreciate Week!  They do a ton of themed activities, but the one I mostly participate in is the blogger interview swap.  Each blogger is randomly paired with another blogger, and you ask each other some fun questions, make some new friends, and the best part is that i get to discover a new blog that truly, I would have never found on my own. It’s like getting a random penpal. this is my third year doing Interview Swap, and I’m still in contact with the bloggers I was partnered with in previous years. How cool is that?

This year, I got lucky enough to get paired with Allison from On My Bookshelf. She runs the blog with her friend Holly, and they have all sorts of fun, reviewing novels of many genres, cookbooks, some crafty books, and children literature as tested by their young children. You might know Allison from the Stainless Steel Droppings R.I.P. (Readers Imbibing Peril) challenge a few years ago too. Make sure to visit On My Bookshelf for Allison’s interview with me. We talk e-books, vampires, and  scifi in pop culture!

here’s my interview with the super-cool Allison:

You run On my Bookshelf with Holly. How did you two meet? How did you two  decide to start a blog?

Holly’s husband and my husband went to high school together, so Holly and I met through them and found a mutual love (obsession) with books.  Our book blog actually started as a book club with a few other members, but Holly and I were the only ones who always read the book, and eventually, the blog was born.

 You review a lot of non-fiction too, like memoirs, cookbooks, and books on  crafts. How is reviewing a non-fiction book different than reviewing  fiction?

Reviewing memoirs is pretty much the same as reviewing fiction for me.  I’m looking primarily at the story being told, and how successful the author is at telling that story.  Even though memoirs are based on actual events, the art to choosing what to include, what light to cast, and what boring bits to skip is still the core for me. Cookbooks and craft books, on the other hand, are all about how well they convey instructions.  Although I read these books for enjoyment and inspiration as well, I’m reviewing them first based on utility, then noting beauty and style.

You review a lot of children’s books, often by seeing if your kids like  them.  How has your blogging (and being obsessed with books!) influenced  your kids?

If you’re a book blogger, know a book blogger, read a book blogger, or simply think that book blogs are cool, post this as your status.  oh, wait, this isn’t facebook?  😉

but it’s still Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

My favorite book blogger appreciation week event (and actually, the only one I participate in) is the interview swap.  It’s super fun and easy, you sign up, and they partner you up with another awesome blogger to chat with a bit.  kinda like, but for bloggers, and like, not romantic?  My partner this year is the hilarious Alison from Piling on the Books.   You can read her interview with me on her site, and while you’re over there, make sure to check out her Wizard of Oz blog posts. Alison is teh soopah cool. and i got to interview her!

It must be heaven working in a library, surrounded by all those books!  How has being at the library affected how you blog and what books you read?

Oh my word, I have got to stop working at a library (not really!).  I did a post about a month and a half ago about thirteen booksI had brought home from the library after cataloging them, and I’m just about ready to put up another one!  That’s crazy but also good, because for a while I was only reading books that I had already read a review of, and I find it very exciting to delve into a book without someone else’s opinion coloring my view.  It’s also fun to be the first person to read and persuade others to read an awesome book!

more with Alison, after the jump!

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Welcome to Book Bloggers Appreciation Week! I know a lot of blogs do contests and give aways and such, but honestly, I was just super excited to get to know another blogger, and gossip about things we like, coffee (also falling under the category of “things we like”) blogging, and books of course!

Celi.a runs The Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia, and she is super cool blogger and lover of all things yummy.  Read the interview below, then go visit her!

* * * *

Can you tell us a little about your blog?

My blog is me…wait, just kidding. It’s me on a good day, with lots of icing on top. So it is basically a book blog, and mostly a YA book blog at that…with a heavy side of sci-fi/fantasy fiction, a little bit of romance, tasty recipes, and sometimes embarrassing (wait, I mean funny) stories.

A blog is a labor of love. What made you decide to take the plunge?

I started the blog as a challenge to myself after a really rough Lenten season where I gave up coffee. I know, I know, not smart. REALLY not smart. It was mostly stories from day-to-day life back then, but it gradually it morphed into its current state of book-focusedness. I just made that word up. Don’t judge. Also, it’s kept me sane during a lot of crazy changes in the last year or two, so I’m going to keep it up for the foreseeable future.

I know you like short stories, what short story should I read, right now, to get me hooked on someone I’ve never heard of before?

Have you read Kelly Link? Anything by Kelly Link is amazing. All of the stories in her anthology Pretty Monsters will do. Seriously weird, though…be ready for that!

Best book you’ve read this year?

Totally cheating on this one. The three best books I’ve read this year: White Cat by Holly Black, Cold Magic by Kate Elliott, and Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal. But keep in mind that I’m seriously behind on my reading, so I probably have several absolutely fantastic novels on my nightstand, and I don’t even know it.

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it’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week! Super Cool, and with tons of fun themes and stuff, it’s like a week long party full of books! and reading! and finding other people who like books and reading!

be there or be square! Click on the link above to see other bloggers who are participating.


Tomorrow I’ll be doing something on this blog that I have never done before! Can you guess what it is?


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