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This break in hugo nominee reviews is brought to you by me being on TV!

Every so often I’m invited to be on a local access TV show called Monday Night Live.  Keith Roe is the usual host of the show, and while he’s on vacation, Gloria Tiller (owner of Kazoo Books, my local indie bookstore!) hosts the show.  Being a bookstore owner, Gloria’s shows often have some kind of literary theme. And when she invites me on, I take over, and won’t shut up about recent science fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels I’ve been reading.

In our most recent show, we discussed Diversity in Speculative Fiction.  I don’t know how to embed video into WordPress, but click right on the image, and it’ll take you to the website to watch the show. or click here. It’s an hour long.

Monday Night Live 7-7-2014

And here’s the best thing:  After a little bit of unfair ripping on fantasy (sorry!), I got to talk about some recent books, anthologies, authors, and columns that are important to me, including Long Hidden, Francesca ForrestSarah Zettel, Lightspeed Magazine’s Women Destroy Science Fiction, Sarah Chorn’s Special Needs in Strange Worlds column on SFSignal, Catherine Lundoff’s Decade by Decade LGBT columns on SFSignal, N.K. Jemisin, Leigh Brackett,   a confession of how much Star Trek changed my life, and that I couldn’t remember the word epistolary.






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some of the books reviewed here were free ARCs supplied by publishers/authors/other groups. Some of the books here I got from the library. the rest I *gasp!* actually paid for. I'll do my best to let you know what's what.