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Last Friday, I went to a local speaker series where retired astronaut Fred Haise Jr. was speaking.  Remember that movie you loved and have seen a million times, Apollo 13?  you remember Bill Paxton?  Paxton portrayed Fred Haise Jr.  Who I saw, in real life, last Friday.  and it was freakin’ AMAZING.


Being in the same room with someone who flew to the moon?? Talk about a bucket list moment!


His talk was part of the Viking Speaker Series, which was hosted by a local community college and other community organizations, and he spoke at a local high school.  The front of the auditorium was reserved for students and their families, and college students (photos are crappy because I was sitting so far away). Most of the room was not old enough to understand who they were seeing.  The rest of us has tears in our eyes.


I’d planned to take wonderful notes and write up an article, but I forgot to bring paper!!  So I did the next best thing and live tweeted the whole thing.  He talked about his years as a Navy test pilot, what Ron Howard got wrong in the move (But Haise still enjoys seeing the movie), how many people on the ground were really involved with Apollo 13, what his favorite snacks to eat in space were, how he recovered from a horrible flight crash that caused 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 50% of his body, the dangers of flying the Space Shuttle Enterprise,  and his hopes for future generations.


I’ve not yet figured out how to storify (or whatever) my tweets, so the rest of this blog is post is literal screen shots of my twitter feed from that evening. This is image heavy and may take extra time to load.  If you’re on twitter, click here for the thread.

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