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Jon always works alone. Correction, Jon and his uberintelligent ship Lobo always come as a team, but after the contract is up, they are gone. Because Jon has a secret. And it’s not that Lobo is far more intelligent than he has any right to be. That’s an entirely different secret.

Jon and Lobo are asked by an old friend Alissa Lim to help infiltrate and liberate a rebel camp on the planet Tumani, currently in the throws of civil war. Tumani might be a backwater now, but it’s location puts it on the border of two colonizing coalitions, and a very wealthy investor has decided this planet needs to be ready when the coalitions realize how important it is. The rebel forces have been ravaging the jungles – burning villages, killing adults and girl children, and taking the boys hostage, addicting them to drugs and turning them into children soldiers. The mission Jon and the team agree to is to liberate a camp of nearly 500 children soldiers, and help rehab the kids until they can be reunited with their families. Or adopted into new families, since their parents are probably dead.

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  • #StarTrekV and back to the campfire. because that is where brotherhoods are forged. thanks for following along with me everyone! g'night! 17 hours ago
  • #StarTrekV so, the great barrier is more to keep the crazy in than the federation out, apparently. but no one is gonna talk about it. 17 hours ago
  • #StarTrekV "i thought i was going to die" "not possible. you were never alone. Don't hug me in front of the Klingons". 17 hours ago

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