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thanks so much to Susan over at Dab of Darkness for suggesting we do this read along.  I hadn’t read Terry Pratchett in years, and had been rather ho-hum about the Discworld books of his I had read.  So when Susan suggested a Discworld related book, I was a smidgen apprehensive.  But, she’s my friend, and nearly everytime a friend has said “try this, you’ll like it”, I’ve usually fallen in love with it.

The Wee Free Men and A Hat Full of Sky are by far the best Terry Pratchett books I’ve ever read. I know it sounds hokey, and I don’t care, but I laughed, I cried, I thought about my life and my friends and my relationships and how I treat other people. Sometimes I did all of that in the same paragraph.

It was a tough winter for me. I had some S.A.D. mixed in with some other crappy stuff. I was pretty much checked out of my life for most of January and February. Terry Pratchett is now on my list of things that help the winter end earlier.

Ok, enough with the maudlin, let’s get to the final batch of questions, which everyone else has already answered and discussed, because I’m late!

1) Mistress Weatherwax has a philosophy of her job is to make sure everyone today can get to tomorrow – such as letting people believe in water sprites and goblins if it lets them lead a better life. Do you see yourself somewhere in this philosophy?

If you believe something, then it’s true for you.  and she’s right, climbing up all those stairs is going to give that one guy a healthier heart more than his sacrifices to the water sprites. But if she’d told him to walk a lot for a healthier heart, she knows he wouldn’t do it. Put a story behind something, and it gives it more weight. it makes it more important to the person because they see themselves in the story.

Yikes, is that the secret to how to make friends and influence people? tell stories???   I’m a total chatterbox, but I never actually get anything useful said.  maybe I better learn how to tell stories.

And hmmm… maybe I need to find some exercise or yoga sprites that need sacrifices from me. I hate exercising and I’m really lazy, but if 20 minutes sacrificed to the exercise sprites will keep them from doing horrible things. . . .
2) Do you think Mr. Weavall will be successful with the Widow Tussy? Do you think Tiffany got off light concerning Mr. Weavall’s stash?

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I can’t believe we’re almost to the end!  such a wonderful ride it’s been!

here’s this week’s discussion questions, and remember to leave your link in the comments so I can visit your blog for your answers. 🙂

I got a chuckle out of Tiffany’s visit to ZakZak’s shop, especially the bit about the different styles of witch hats. What kind of witchy goodies would YOU buy there?

Inside Tiffany’s head might be the strangest place the Feegle have ever been. What did you think of Pratchett’s imagery of her mind, and of her safe place?

Poor Miss Level. Do you think she’ll ever recover from what happened to her? How is this going to change her relationship with Tiffany?

In the discussion Tiffany has with Mistress Weatherwax at the end of chapter 9, Weatherwax gives Tiffany some very important information about how to be a witch. Who would you rather study with to become a witch? Weatherwax or Level?

Any thoughts on how the story might end? Do you think the Hiver is gone for good?

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Hi everyone!   welcome to part 2 of our Hat Full of Sky read along!  if you’re just joining us, it’s not too late to get involved, click here for the reading schedule.

We’re halfway through the book, and is it just me, or is the book suddenly going really, really fast?  I pick it up, planning to read just a chapter, and suddenly I’m four chapters in!  Now that Pratchett has fully introduced Tiffany and her um, smaller friends, he can really ramp up the story-ness of what’s happening.

this week’s questions were provided by Susan over at Dab of Darkness, and here we go!
1) Awf’ly Wee Billy, the gonnagle, comes up with a plan, the PLN. First, do you like the basic idea? Second, what was your favorite part of the execution of the PLN?

2) Miss Level has a philosophy of ‘storing it in other people’. How do you like this philosophy and do you know any witchy people in life who might be secretly following it?

3) We finally get to meet some other witchlings, such as Petulia and Annagramma. What do you make of Tiffany’s first meeting with them?

4) The Hiver has finally found Tiffany and Miss Level has finally met the Feegle. How do you think Tiffany will fair against the Hiver and how much damage do you think will be done (either by the Hiver or the Feegle)?

my answers and spoilers aplenty, after the jump!

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Welcome to the first week of our read along for A Hat Full of Sky, by Terry Pratchett.

This week we’re talking about chapters 1 through 3, which certainly didn’t feel like a hundred pages. I don’t know about you, but it was quite impossible for me to put the book down after only 3 chapters. I wanted to learn more about Tiffany’s new “job”, I can’t get enough of the Feegle, and come on, it’s Terry Pratchett, how can you not want to keep reading?

Here’s the reminder I needed about when to stop:

Post 1: Little Red Reviewer Chapters 1-3, 109 pages, 3/13/13
Post 2: Dab of Darkness Chapters 4-6, 88 pages, 3/20/13
Post 3: LRR Chapters 7-9, 94 pages, 3/27/13
Post 4: DoD Chapters 10-end, 107 pages, 4/3/13

and our discussion questions!

What do you think of Miss Level and her housemate Oswald?  Did you guess the secret about her identity before she told Tiffany the truth?

Why kind of witchy stuff do you think Miss Level will start teaching Tiffany?

What do you think of Jeannie? Do you think she’ll get in the way of the Feegle continuing to help Tiffany?

Have your feelings for Roland changed any?

Which is creepier? a Hiver or a Drome?

my answers, spoilers, and maybe some other goodies, after the jump!

leave your link in the comment so I can visit your discussion. 🙂

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the sad news this is end of our Wee Free Men read along.  but the good news is that next week we’re jumping right into the 2nd book in the series, A Hat Full of Sky!  Click here for the schedule.  if you’re already on the mailing list, we’ll send you Pratchett questions until you tell us to quit, and if you’re not on the mailing list and you’d like to be, just leave a comment in the post and I’ll add ya.

here’s this week’s discussion questions, with answers, and spoilers after the jump.  Please leave a link to your answers in the comments so I can visit you and discuss! 🙂

1) What was your favorite part of the ‘duel of dreams’ between Tiffany and the Queen?

2) The last part of the book shows us a bit more of Roland’s character. What did you make of him?

3) The Nac Mac Feegle never cease to make me laugh. What were some of your favorite scenes or lines from the Feegle (for this segment or the entire book)?

4) The finale of the book introduces us to Mistress Weatherwax and Mrs. Ogg. These are two of my all-time favorite Discworld characters. What did you think of them? Have you read other books featuring these two ladies?

5) Tiffany’s connection with Granny Aching is one of the most poignant throughout the book. Did you enjoy Granny Aching’s brief appearance late in the book?

ahead, thar be spoilers!

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WeeFreeMenTheBeginningHi Everyone!

Welcome to the second part of our Wee Free Men Read Along!

If you’re enjoying Wee Free Men (and really, how can you not be enjoying this book?), you should join us for a read along for the next book in the Tiffany Aching series, A Hat Full of Sky! I can’t believe we’re nearly done with Wee Free Men, so here’s the schedule for A Hat Full of Sky:

Part 1: Hosted by Little Red Reviewer Chapters 1-3, 109 pages, 3/13/13
Part 2: Hosted by Dab of Darkness Chapters 4-6, 88 pages, 3/20/13
Part 3: Hosted by Little Red Reviewer Chapters 7-9, 94 pages, 3/27/13
Part 4: Hosted by Dab of Darkness Chapters 10-end, 107 pages, 4/3/13

While you’re mulling over that, here’s this week’s discussion questions for Wee Free Men, my answers after the jump:

1.  Do you think Tiffany will be able to hold up her end of the bargain that she made with the Kelda?

2.Do you think Tiffany and Fion will ever be friends?

3. What do you think of the Queen’s world? How does this interpretation of Fairyland mesh with other interpretations you’ve run into in other books?

4. What do you think of Roland? Will he be a help to Tiffany or a hindrance?

5. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT want to run into a Drome!

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Welcome to the Wee Free Men readalong! Yes, we are reading Terry Pratchett and giggling and snorting various beverages out our noses! (the vanilla shake really hurt).

and it’s not too late to join the fun! Check out the reading schedule and more info over at Dab of Darkness, my co-host for a month of fun.  if you’re joining us for the fun, please leave a link to your post in the comments.

this week’s discussion questions were provided by nrlymrtl of Dab of Darkness. Go check out her blog, she’s got a growing collection of excellent book reviews, plus lots of read along goodness which is mighty tempting as well.

Anyways, onto the questions! my answers are after the “read more”.

1) Since I am a nosy person, I want to know if this is your first Terry Pratchett book for you? Do you enjoy the humor and writing style so far?

2) We’ve been introduced to Tiffany Aching’s world of shepherding and cheese making and her family. What about this quaint setting has caught your eye?

3) Ah, the Nac Mac Feegles! Can you understand their speech? Who or what do you think the kelda is?

4) Do you see a future for Tiffany at a witches’ school? Or do you think Ms. Tick will take on a mentor’s role?

5) Wentworth has gone missing and there is a Queen involved. What do think she wants with him? If this is a reread, then how do you like having one magical world (the Queen’s) nestled within the Discworld universe (Tiffany’s world)?

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I told ya there was going to be some fun stuff coming in February!

First up is the Wee Free Men read along hosted by nrlymrtl of Dab of Darkness. Wee Free Men is the first book in Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series, and it takes place in the Discworld Universe.  I’ve only read a few Discworld books, so I’m very excited to dive back into that funny, silly world. And besides, nrlymrtl says these books make her laugh so hard she nearly pees her pants.  She’s got the audio, I’ve got the book, it’s gonna be a blast.  maybe we should invest in some adult diapers, just in case?

here’s the blurb from Amazon:

“Another world is colliding with this one,” said the toad. “All the monsters are coming back.”

“Why?” said Tiffany.

“There’s no one to stop them.”

There was silence for a moment.

Then Tiffany said, “There’s me.”

Armed only with a frying pan and her common sense, Tiffany Aching, a young witch-to-be, is all that stands between the monsters of Fairyland and the warm, green Chalk country that is her home. Forced into Fairyland to seek her kidnapped brother, Tiffany allies herself with the Chalk’s local Nac Mac Feegle – aka the Wee Free Men – a clan of sheep-stealing, sword-wielding, six-inch-high blue men who are as fierce as they are funny. Together they battle through an eerie and ever-shifting landscape, fighting brutal flying fairies, dream-spinning dromes, and grimhounds – black dogs with eyes of fire and teeth of razors – before ultimately confronting the Queen of the Elves, absolute ruler of a world in which reality intertwines with nightmare. And in the final showdown, Tiffany must face her cruel power alone….


sounds pretty fun, right?  And I don’t know about you, but around this time of year, when the snow is piling up and the blustery wind is blowing and no amount of hot chocolate will warm me up, the best thing for it is humorous books.

Care to join us our on our hilarious (and maybe a little scary) journey through Discworld?  Hop over to Dab of Darkness to sign up for read along extras (like getting the discussion questions ahead of time).

Here’s the schedule:

Start reading 2/13
First post 2/20 Chapters 1-5 (135 pages) Dab of Darkness hosting
Second Post 2/27 Chapters 6-9 (120 pages) Little red Reviewer hosting
Third Post 3/6 Chapters 10-END (120 pages) Dab of Darkness hosting


The Tiffany Aching series is 4 books. You can get the first two books in the series in an omnibus called Wee Free Men: The Beginning, for about $10.





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