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Joining me today is Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow, to talk about The War of the Worlds radio broadcast.   And yes, this is eligible for the Retro Hugos under the Dramatic Presentation category!


The War of the Worlds Broadcast, by Lisa from Over the Effing Rainbow

Lisa is a Scottish blogger and voracious reader of science fiction and fantasy in most of its forms. Tea junkie, Dresdenphile, nail polish enthusiast, nibbler of cheese, devourer of cake.

Original air date: October 30th, 1938

Aired on: Columbia Broadcasting System

Where I got it: Amazon UK – MP3 (original recording)

My rating: 4/5

This adaptation of the H.G. Wells classic sci-fi novel was performed by Orson Welles, in a Halloween episode of the radio drama anthology series The Mercury Theatre On The Air. There have been a good few adaptations of this story over the years, from TV and movies to a bestselling album, but for this year’s Vintage Sci-Fi Month – and given the approaching Retro Hugos event at this year’s Worldcon – I thought I’d go right back to the ‘Panic Broadcast’, as well as reviewing the original novel.

For those who might not know the story, the broadcast of this adaptation, thanks to the news bulletin-style presentation of the first two thirds, apparently caused a widespread panic among listeners who believed the events being ‘reported’ were really happening.


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My buddy John and I recently recorded another radio segment for your listening pleasure!  This time we talk about science fiction short stories. How much scifi short story love can we cram into less than 5 minutes? Listen and find out!

WMUK Arts & More December 17th 2012


WMUK Color Logo

I’m a very lucky girl.

I’m very lucky because I’m friends with J.W., who is friends with A.R..

And A.R. is a director at our local university public radio affiliate.  Next thing I know, J.W. and I are recording a segment of a local radio show called “Arts & More”.

not exactly a pod cast, but as I like to say it’s pretty damn cool.

J.W. and I have a Nice Little Chat  (<– click that) about George R R Martin, specifically Nightflyers and Fevre Dream, two lovely non-epic-fantasy books he wrote “before he was famous”. (btw, you can read my longer article on Martin’s Nightflyers here)

with any luck, we’ll get to do this again. . .  and hopefully be a little better rehearsed! that four minute segment took about 90 minutes and most of A.R.’s patience to get just right.

it was buckets of fun, and I am a very lucky girl.

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