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Happy New Year! Happy #VintageSciFiMonth!

Posted on: January 1, 2019


My goodness, where did 2018 go?   I don’t know about you, but i’m ready to rock and roll this new year!


January is sure to be a busy month for everyone (oh, hi Kickstarter!), so let’s start #VintageSciFiMonth by removing some of that Gotta Read!Gotta Review! pressure. If you’re planning to read and write reviews, that’s great!  But #VintageScFiMonth should be about more than just posting book reviews. It should be about discussing older science fiction.  Why are we interested in reading it? Is it worth our time? Isn’t that cover art hilarious?


Since Vintage Science Fiction Month is a not-a-challenge,  these will be not-blog-hops.  They are just different discussions for each week of January, so we can all be talking about the same things at the same time. Talk about it on your blog, in other people’s comments sections, on twitter, on insta, on FB, via text message with your friends. Send a postcard. You get the idea.


Here are the topic ideas and time frames, so you can put your thinking cap on ahead of time!


Topic for Jan 6 – Jan 12:  I just dated myself. In your experience, which vintage SF books don’t feel dated?  What titles have passed the test of time, and feel like they could have been written in the last ten years? Is such a book possible? What, in your opinion, makes something feel dated?


Topic for Jan 13 – Jan 19:  Gateway Drug to Vintage. Your friend says they don’t want to read anything older. They think older books are awful. What titles(s) do you recommend to them to help them step outside their comfort zone? How do you convince them to give the book(s) a chance?


Topic for Jan 20 – Jan 26: Why is this important to you?   Why are you interested in reading Vintage SciFi? What do you get out of it?



Topic for Jan 27 – Jan 31: That’s, um, interesting.  Post your favorite Vintage Cover art. Post the weirdest cover art you can find. Post Vintage cover art that makes you want to pick the book up, post vintage cover art that makes you say WTF?


Want one more activity?  Got ya covered. Here’s a Vintage Sci Fi Month Bingo Card. Well, more of a connect four card than bingo. . .




6 Responses to "Happy New Year! Happy #VintageSciFiMonth!"

Squeeeeee! Vintage SciFi Month – Woo!
I like the discussion topics a lot, and look forward to seeing what people choose to talk about. 🙂

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Excellent topics and I love the bingo card! I’ve started a very early Aldiss book, Earthworks. A corpse showed up first thing, so maybe it’s a mystery?

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Count me in. I have one already, just not fully written up. I like your suggestions, too, and the bingo. We’ll see……….

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Did you get the ping on my post of SANDS OF MARS by Arthur C. Clarke? It’s up today on my blog


I didn’t get a ping, but your comment right here helped me find the review!

how does Clarke’s first novel compare to his later work?


[…] Happy New Year! Happy #VintageSciFiMonth! | the Little Red Reviewer. […]


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