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In the last two posts, I mostly showed photos of Japanese manga, anime, live action tv, and video games.  There were plenty of people cosplaying western comic book, movie, and video game characters as well!  see?


Raven, Robin and Starfire from Teen Titans!

Raven, Robin and Starfire from Teen Titans!


Merida from Brave.

Merida from Brave.


Even Doctor Who and the Daleks made and appearance!  I was able to catch up with one of the Elevens (I saw at least 3 of them) as he battled a Dalek-head. This guy, oh man did he have the physical mannerisms down!  Acting the part takes the cosplay to a whole new level!  (and yes, there was a number ten, but I couldn’t get close enough to get a photo)

it's The Doctor!

it’s The Doctor!


Too fun to watch!

Too fun to watch!

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