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Apex Magazine Crossword Puzzle and subscription give away!

Posted on: October 29, 2016

Did you know the Apex Magazine Subscription drive is going on right now?  More subscribers means more fiction for you, and a higher pay rate for the authors who create all that amazing fiction.

To send some happy attention towards the Apex Mag subscription drive, here’s an Apex Magazine crossword.   85% of the answers to the crossword can be found at the Apex Magazine back issue site,  15% can be found on the Apex Publications site, and 15% are just random words I used to make the puzzle (mostly) work.  Put an answer or two in the comments and I’ll enter you in my international give away for a subscription to Apex Mag.  You can read the magazine on your kindle, nook, smartphone, tablet, and probably some other gizmos I’m not even aware of.



apex-crossword(click to embiggen)


Rules for the Apex Magazine 1 year subscription give away:

  1. you need to reside on planet earth
  2. you need to be interested in short fiction that is surreal, shocking, and unexpected
  3. you need to put an answer to one of the crossword clues in the comments. You need to comment that you’d like to be entered into the give away. Putting a puzzle clue answer in the comments is cool too, but not required to enter.

I’ll randomly choose a winner from the comments on November 7th.  When commenting, please leave your e-mail, twitter, or some method by which I can read you.

ready? GO!

1. March Bear story
5. Author ____ Pletsch
8. Poem by John Yu Brascum

9.___’s Play White by Chesya Burke
10.  “Folk _____”
11. author of poem “The Multiple Lives of Juan and Pedro”
13. A Revolution of _____
14. The ____ Creatures by Christina Sng
17. In the Day ____ the World Stopped Being
18. The Big Ba-____
19. Steven Wittenberg Gordon poem in March 2015
21.  I ____ Your Face
24. Crystal Lynn Hilbert poem in Feb ’16
26. You tell your friends to ____ Apex Magazine!
27. Author and columnist A.C. ____
28. Tina Jens Poem June ’16
31. Author ____ Mamatas
32. Something you do with your eyes
33. Author A Merc _____
35.  The Perfect _____ by Christna Sng
36. first name of Dysmorphia author
38. The Warrior Boy Who Would ___ Suffer
39.  The _____ Celestial by Lavie Tidhar
43. Cover artist of June ’16
45. Issue in which an excerpt of The Kraken Sea by E. Catherine Tobler appeared
47. Author of “The Four Gardens of Fate”
49. The Old Man and the _____ by Alexandria Baisden
50. Author of Lazarus and the Amazing Kid Phoenix
52. The Laura ________  Experience
53. This is a Ghost ______


1. Sept ’16 Cover artist
2. “The ____-Hearted” (Jan ’16)
3. Tina Parker poem from June ’16
4. author of “Cottage Country”
5. David Jibson poem from July ’16
6. Daniel Jose Older essay in 2013
7. Apex publishes 12 issues each _____
8. Issue in which Andrea interviewed author Stephen Cox
12. Author Lettie ____
15. Author of “The Salt Path”
16. “Collecting ______”
18. “Folk _____”
19. Gillian Daniels poem from 2014
20. author _____ de Bodard
22. Douglas Hulick’s Hammer with an ____
23. ____man and Robin
25. Jeremy Paden story from April 2016
29. “These stories deserve to be ____!”, said Frederik Pohl about The Apex Book of World SF: Volume 1
30. Author of “Coming Undone”
33. “Glitch  _____” by Livingston
34. Shanna Germain story from 2015
36. Daniel Rosen story from FEb 2016
37. When a star explodes it goes ____
40. Seanan McGuire poem from 2014
41. “Screaming without a _____”
42. Author Damien Angelica _______
44. The name of this amazing magazine!
46. Yes! of course you can read it on your Kindle or ____!
51. July ‘16 cover artist


can you and the other blog readers solve the entire puzzle before the subscription drive ends? I bet you can!

8 Responses to "Apex Magazine Crossword Puzzle and subscription give away!"

This amazing, Andrea! You are so cool! ❤


this is why my interviews haven’t been submitted yet…..

and srsly, if i can’t do fun crazy stuff for you and Jason, life gets too boring!


Interviews? Who needs interviews? Oh wait, I do. 😉

But this is way more fun, so I 100% support the interviews being late-ish. I’m tempted to print the puzzle out and work it today instead of Apex-ing.


20 down: Aliette
42 down: Walters

Liked by 1 person

check email, Ms. I Tweet and Facebook and email is so old fashioned……..

Liked by 1 person

I’d like to enter the giveaway.
5 across is “MARY”
Twitter @mjanairo


I’d like to be entered in the giveaway. (Crusaderofchaos on Twitter)

1 down should be “Delon”


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