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An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, by Hank Green

published in 2018

where I got it: the library

It’s been a year of reading important books, and important news, hasn’t it?

Yeah, nothing my brain rebels more against than being told I have to to do something. Also, well, 2020.  I don’t think any of us have reached our reading aspirations this year.

And we should be kinder to ourselves.

The best thing I did for my mental health in the last 6 months was go to the library.  The why behind that is a long story.  But I purposely got books that weren’t important. I purposely got books that had nothing to do with the year 2020.

One of the books I got was An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, which some friends at work had been raving over since it came out in 2018.  As it turned out, this book, that was on a random shelf, in a random library aisle, was remarkably exactly what I needed.

The book was a ridiculously fast read, buckets of rapid speed dialog, all the mundane moments skipped with paragraphs that started with “later that evening” or “two days later”.   If you are looking for quiet moments of contemplation, and deep character studies, this is not the book for you.  You know those one season Netflix shows that seem to cram 4 seasons of stuff into 8 episodes, and the wrap up is a call back to the opening scenes and then you want to watch the entire thing over again and it was the perfect escape, which is why we love Netflix? (Russian Doll, looking at you!) This book is very much like that.

The author, Hank Green, seems to have had buckets of fun writing this!  And i don’t know if it was the mood I was in when i read it, or if Green likes a lot of the same things I like, but I kept getting half sorta easter eggs,  which aren’t spoilers.  I was reading a fun book, and it was reminding me of other fun tv shows and movies that I liked, and that only added to my enjoyment, is what I mean.

Ready for a tornado of action? Let’s go!

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Did you know the Apex Magazine Subscription drive is going on right now?  More subscribers means more fiction for you, and a higher pay rate for the authors who create all that amazing fiction.

To send some happy attention towards the Apex Mag subscription drive, here’s an Apex Magazine crossword.   85% of the answers to the crossword can be found at the Apex Magazine back issue site,  15% can be found on the Apex Publications site, and 15% are just random words I used to make the puzzle (mostly) work.  Put an answer or two in the comments and I’ll enter you in my international give away for a subscription to Apex Mag.  You can read the magazine on your kindle, nook, smartphone, tablet, and probably some other gizmos I’m not even aware of.



apex-crossword(click to embiggen)


Rules for the Apex Magazine 1 year subscription give away:

  1. you need to reside on planet earth
  2. you need to be interested in short fiction that is surreal, shocking, and unexpected
  3. you need to put an answer to one of the crossword clues in the comments. You need to comment that you’d like to be entered into the give away. Putting a puzzle clue answer in the comments is cool too, but not required to enter.

I’ll randomly choose a winner from the comments on November 7th.  When commenting, please leave your e-mail, twitter, or some method by which I can read you.

ready? GO!

1. March Bear story
5. Author ____ Pletsch
8. Poem by John Yu Brascum

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