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ConFusion post the third: Cosplay and the Rocky Horror Muppet Show

Posted on: January 23, 2012

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This is part THREE of my Epic ConFusion posts. Click accordingly for parts ONE, TWO and FOUR

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Oh was there a lot of cosplay, and it was awesome!  I saw at least two Inuyashas, a spot on Doctor Who and River Song, two Tardises (Tardisii?  Tardisae?) two Jesuses (again, Jesusi? Jesii? Jay-Z’s?), What I thought were Mokono hats (you know, from xxxHolic and Tsubasa?), possibly some furries, at least one The Dude, a Hunter S. Thompson, a few Trekkies, some Star Wars aliens, Doctor Frankenfurter, buckets of top hats and other crazy hats and goggles and random victoriana, and quite a bit of cross dressing.  Husband and I played “guess the gender” a few times.

I learned something very important during this con.  I learned that I haven’t a freakin’ clue how my stupid digital camera works. So most of my pictures came out like crap. Here are a few badly taken pics, and some links to much better image libraries.

extra feet??

Look Ma, I found Jesus! or at least one of them.

How many can you identify?

Alright, enough of my awful photos, here’s some pro and semi-pro albums:
Al Bogden’s Gallery
Dave Hogg’s ConFusion Flickr
Davroz’s albums

But much better than learning that I’m digital camera clueless, was learning about the crazy amazing hilariousness that is the Rocky Horror Muppet Show.

Yup, it’s exactly what you think it is. Created by indie musician and Filk master Tom Smith, Rocky Horror Muppet Show answers the classic question of what if the Muppets tried to do Rocky Horror on the Muppet Show?  (what, that isn’t a classic question? since when?) And of course, since it’s the Muppet Show, everything goes horribly wrong, Kermit (and Tom Smith does a beautifully spot-on Kermit. It was truly unreal) nearly has a nervous breakdown, and the guest star (in this case, Jim Hines) ends up helping Kermit figure out a solution before the end of the show.  You know all the songs from Rocky Horror, right? they’re all written to 4/4 timing. As any filker will prove to you, you can sing just about any 4/4 song to the chords of any other 4/4 song.  It was hilarious, it was awesome, you need to go google it RIGHT now, it was for mature audiences only, and it was standing room only.

Tom Smith is a fucking genius, and I got to hang out with Will Frank (twitter handle @scifantasy) afterwards!  He’s also incredibly cool. Go follow him on twitter.

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8 Responses to "ConFusion post the third: Cosplay and the Rocky Horror Muppet Show"

Why all J-dudes? (asks the girl who never watches TV)

Sounds like you were a hair’s breadth from having too much fun. It’s a good thing you got out of there when you did! There might have been a LittleRed ‘Splosion!

I’ll look up the muppets RHPS. That sounds funny!


I don’t know, someone said it was from the movie Dogma, but that came out like 10 years ago! Btw, my Jesus was a girl.


Epic fun! Thanks for the image links. A couple of times a year I get a wild hair and run off on the interweb trails to check out various photos from cons during the year as the cosplay images are always a hoot.


the cosplay images from the huge ComiCons are incredible!!


One of the great ConFusion moments of all time was Jesus baptizing people in the hotel pool a few years ago at 3 am. It was -3 outside, the pool heater had been off for five hours, and there was alcohol involved. It was magnificent, mainly because no one died or sustained major injuries.

Kelly’s River Song costume is amazing, but you didn’t mention that the Masquerade winner had a spine on a stick. It is tough to beat a spine on a stick. My daughter (Princess Daisy in the group shot) asked her if the spine had scoliosis. “No. Do you have scoliosis?”

My daughter acknowledged that she did.

“Oh good. I need a spine with scoliosis.”

I believe the proper way to represent my daughter’s expression at that point is O.O

(Thanks for the Flickr link!)


No prob, thanks for not being irked that I linked to your Flickr w/out asking you first.

Your daughter was just adorable! She and I can bond next year over our scoliosis-ness. I went nuts for Kelly’s River Song (even the hair was perfect!) because I’d already been going nuts for that guy’s Doctor Who. I almost licked his head. Spine on a Stick was cool, but freaky.

3am cosplay Jesus baptism? holy shit is that insane! and that explains why this time everytime someone wandered down to the pool or workout room, a security guard followed them?


No, that was because the security guard was new and REALLY wanted to see what we were up to.


apparently he’d been hearing rumors of midnight baptisms from the other security guards. It’s probably some kind of Snoped urban myth by now.


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