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it’s that time again!

Posted on: October 21, 2020

The leaves are turning, the wind is kicking up, the temperature is plummeting, I’m making autumn food and planning for Thanksgiving.


that means it’s time to start planning Vintage Science Fiction Month with my co-host Jacob from Red Star Reviews!


Every January I go back in time and read/watch/listen to science fiction and fantasy that was created before 1979.  Why 1979?  it’s the year I was born.  You can choose to read/watch/listen to spec fic from before 1979, or from before the year you were born. Up to you!


Everyone involved with Vintage month spends January blogging, booktubing, tweeting, insta’ing, FBing, and booksta’ing about the vintage scifi they’ve been reading. We use super modern technology to talk about super old stuff!  If you read a Vintage book and you loved it, we want to hear about it! Did you watch a really old TV show or movie, or listen to an old radio play? We wanna hear about it!  Maybe that vintage book you are reading, it just isn’t doing it for you. maybe it didn’t age well? We wanna hear about it!   Use the hashtag #VintageScifiMonth on all the socials,  and if you’re on twitter, follow us at @VintageSciFi_ .


Years past have had bingo cards, blind-date-with-a-Vintage-book, giveways, read alongs, and more.  Not entirely sure yet what this year will bring!  What would you like to see?


I’ve got something different that I’m doing this January. Typically, I’d buy or borrow a ton of old paperbacks. I have a ton of old paperbacks that I bought used, over the years. Here’s the thing though – many of these books smell like they were in grandma’s basement for 40 years. My old-lady sinuses just aren’t having it anymore. If I open a book, and get an instant migraine because the book is musty or moldy . . .  I’m not gonna read it.


My big change for this January is I’m giving my sinuses a break from moldy old books. Everything I read for Vintage month this year will be a relatively new printing that wasn’t in grandma’s basement for 60 years, or a digital copy.  I have a copy of the Big Book of Science Fiction and the Big Book of Fantasy (edited by the Vandermeers) both of which have a ton of obscure short stories from befre 1979, I’m gonna go crazy downloading old stuff from Project Gutenberg, and there’s a good chance I’ll be buying some e-books of older anthologies.  Yes, I said e-books!   Yes, I have spent the last ten years railing against e-books and complaining about them . .  and I plan to spend at least the next ten years bitching and complaining about them. But? when given the choice between a musty, moldy, ratty paperback that gives me an insta-headache. . .  and an e-book, I’ll take the e-book.


I’m counting down the days till January!

8 Responses to "it’s that time again!"

I have so many books from that time on my shelves that I don’t see any problems here. I‘ll probably head for Dangerous Visions and Again Dangerous Visions- a story each day. I‘ve wanted to read that forever but never managed it.

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*takes a deep breath in* SQUEEEE-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! 😁

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I think I might do a few re-reads this January. I might work my way back through the Berserker series from Saberhagen, for example. I also plan to continue my Hugo/Nebula/Arthur C. Clarke/Locus/BSFA reading so there’s a ton of vintage sci-fi there waiting to go. Last year I went on a Simak/Silverberg kick. Hoping to read some more of each of them, too.

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Yay! Just the other day I found two Ace Doubles (one Leigh Brackett, one MZB) and grabbed them for January. I have some others stashed away too. And for the headache-prone, my sister recently sent me a link to a collection of old SF magazines: I hope you do the bingo again, that was fun!

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JEAN!!! this link is freakin’ amazing!!! please give your sister the biggest hug for me!!!

i’ll have to add “read a vintage magazine” to the bingo card!

there’s been so much going on lately, i’ve barely realized that “omg, i gotta get holiday shopping started!” and “omg, Vintage month is nearly here!!”

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I can’t wait to see what you do with Vintage Scifi Month this year! It’s a nice thing to look forward to in January.

I’m already planning my posts for it. 🙂

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