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Vintage Sci Fi Round up!

Posted on: January 22, 2020

So many wonderful Vintage SciFi Posts!    I’ve been adding to the draft of this blog post for a couple of days now, so If I missed you, add your link to the comments and I’ll update the post.


Too many posts for me to visit, read, and comment on! the best problem a blogger could ever have!


I am in awe of Jean at Howling Frog Books and the quantity of reviews she has posted! Jean, how do you do it??  Recently, Jean has posted reviews of The Lotus Caves by John Christopher,  The Case Against Tomorrow by Frederik Pohl, Siege Perilous by Lester Del Ray, and The Metal Monster by A. Merritt.  Seriously, Jean, how do you get so much reading and review writing done??


Bookforager gets the prize for next most Vintage Science Fiction reviews posted in a short period of time, she recently posted reviews of The Drowned World by J.G. Ballard and The Airs of Earth by Brian Aldiss.


Musings of a Middle Aged Geek has more than just musings on the 1960 movie version of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine.  If you’re looking for an indepth post about this film, you just found it!


Scifist 2.0 takes us on a trip through some very early silent science fiction movies.  Science fiction wasn’t new. . .  but movies were!


it’s been a great month for Vintage SciFi movie blog posts!  The Initiative has a great post on Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, one of my favorite old movies.


Lydia Schoch reviewed Philip K Dick’s Second Variety, in which robots are just following their programming, to the further demise of humanity. And you end up feeling bad for the robots.


Medleyana is taking the opportunity to rediscover the works of Henry Kuttner. After reading this article, you’ll want to (re)discover Kuttner too!


Berthold Gambel of Ruined Chapel mostly enjoyed Isaac Asimov’s The Caves of Steel, finding the underground cities a little far fetched. Like the rest of us, Berthold  was not impressed with how Asimov wrote  female characters.


Eclectic Theist continues the Asimov trend with  a review of the Hugo and Locus award winning Foundation’s Edge, which is the fourth book in what I thought was a trilogy.


Need more Daneel Olivaw? Head over to Wiki Fiction for John Schmidt’s article on Connecting the Daneels.


Kaedrin reviewed  James P. Hogan’s debut novel Inherit the Stars. This novel was apparently Hogan’s response to being disappointed by Clarke’s 2001.  Strangeness is found on the moon, much chatting between scientists ensues.


Froodian Slip reviews another one of my favorites, “Who Goes There”, by John W Campbell, Jr. This short story was the inspiration for so much future scifi, I can’t even!


Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations discusses A.E. Van Vogt’s  generation ship short story “Centaurus II”. If you like what you read in this review, the short story is available to read for free online.


A late edition that I missed was Patrick’s post at Family and Friends Blog about enjoying the works of Isaac Asimov.

11 Responses to "Vintage Sci Fi Round up!"

Thanks for the shoutout Andrea!


So many fantastic links to check out! Thanks!


Right? I need to pull an all-nighter to read all the great posts, and let’s not even talk about my reading list that has blown up!

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So far this month I read a 650 page historical novel (doesn’t count for VSFM), a fantasy by a newish author, which I didn’t finish (also doesn’t count) and have started an old mystery (ditto). The SF bug has stayed out of sight this year, I’m not sure why.


The bug will come back, I’m sure. Historical fiction and mysteries are always a nice read!


Thanks for the shout out!

My friend Patrick also participated this past week. He must have forgotten to let you know, but here’s his post:

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Thanks for your patience, I got his post added! Sorry I missed it.


I got a little overexcited. 😀


which is why we love you!

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[…] I decided to read something classic for Vintage Science Fiction Month, and chose one of the Lensmen stories by EE “Doc” Smith — Galactic Patrol.  This is one of the oldest stories I’ve blogged about, being serialized in 1937-8 in the pulp magazine Astounding Stories.  (If you’d like to see what other vintage works people are reviewing this January, check out roundup part one and roundup part two.) […]


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