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Announcing Vintage Science Fiction Month!

Posted on: November 14, 2015

Vintage SF badge


it’s astounding
the science fiction,vintage scifi photo
that we, love to read.
so grab a book
something that’s much older


hopefully there’s no mold.
I’ve got all these books from way back
authors who started a trend.
they might be old fashioned,Andy Vintage letter pg 4

things were different, back then.

Let’s read Vintage again!
Let’s read Vintage again!

it’s fun with the classics,
do they age like that fine wine?

with your hands on a book
from before nineteen seventy nine.

it’s the space opera oldies
that makes you love these kinds of booksBest of Hal Clement
Let’s read Vintage again!
Let’s read Vintage again!

it’s so dreamy
sci-fantasy read me!
Verne, Clarke and Norton
and Asimov.
in another dimension
with interstellar intention!
well caffienated, I’ll read all.

With a bit of a mind flip
You’re into a time slip
Old books won’t ever be the same.
Maybe on a space station
or a fantasy incantation

Let’s read Vintage again!
Let’s read Vintage again!


no ear-worm yet? Let me help you with that.

no ear-worm yet? Let me help you with that.



And no, this  blog post isn’t a drunken prank.  Every January for the last few years I’ve read older science fiction and fantasy.  Older books, older TV shows, older movies.  It’s neat to see how things were back then, and how they are now, you know? click here for more info.

18 Responses to "Announcing Vintage Science Fiction Month!"

Aw yiss!

OK, so I maaaybe already have some ideas for this one. 😀

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Looking forward to it!

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Despite my blogging swoon of late, I will be in on this! (Fortunately, I’ve been working on and off at some old stuff for the last year.)

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I’m working on reading an OMNIBUS OF SCIENCE FICTION edited by Graff Conklin, mostly stories from the 1940s and 1950s. Some old fashioned, predictable, some still fresh and surprising. You have a nice stack of stuff, I hope you enjoy some or all.

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Due to some health issues, I have not been blogging much in recent months. I plan on being back to participate in this not-a-challenge. Are the books in the pictures ones you are looking at reading this time? I have some of the same editions.

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I know your path back to health will be filled with good books, be them vintage or otherwise. 🙂

the first photo has some books I’m planning to review in January – a Clark Ashton Smith collection, an Edmond Hamilton special edition collection, “We”, which I’ve been meaning to read for years, Waystation by Clifford Simak, and The Last Unicorn. We’ll see how much time I have to read the rest of the stack.


What a fantastic idea! Love reading classic SF. Working my way through Ray Bradbury’s short stories and have just finished “Time Quarry” by Clifford Simak.


i just picked up another Simak short story collection 🙂


There’s so much to read! I hadn’t realised that he was so prolific 🙂
Happy reading..


Looking forward to it. I’ll be announcing the start of The Sci Fi Experience soon and will be including this as well.


that’s great! You and I always do really well when we team up with events like this. 😀


I’m already agonizing over what to read (from a too big list) for the Vintage month.


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Yay! A continuation of sci-fi goodness. I have a whole lot of pre-1979 authors that I want to delve into. Great poem 😀


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