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I might be a liar

Posted on: March 20, 2011

last week I finished two books and decided two other books in my “to be read pile” would be give-aways for one reason or another.

I felt so in control of my TBR pile!  it was so in control in fact, that I said out loud to a number of people “my stack of books is under control!”

then I went to the library.  On the way home I checked the mailbox.

TBR pile under control?

I am a damn liar.

Yes, that stack contains brand spankin’ new stuff, old stuff, even library stuff.  cuz that’s how I roll.

See that beautiful, shiny, dark red spined book? yeah, this one:

It’s Cory Doctorow’s “With A Little Help”,  a.k.a An Experiment in Publishing.

And what a happy surprise to open it up to find this:

it’s signed!   squuueeee!!!

Cory Doctorow is either

a) A super awesome nice guy who hooks his fans up!  Especially the ones who send him drunken “I love you! Makers changed my life!” e-mails.

b) thinks sending me signed books will stop me from sending him drunken “I Love you!” e-mails.  Sorry pal, you’re gonna need a cease and desist for that one.


9 Responses to "I might be a liar"

The signed Cory Doctorow book is cool, but I’m more jealous of the ARCs of Lawrence’s THE PRINCE OF THORNS and Mayer’s THE FALLING MACHINE you have in that pile up there. If only I could get my hands on those…


those two were my most anticipated, until the Doctorow showed up. . . .


Ooh, luck you. The only author I send ‘I love you’ letters to is Jasper Fforde, and he never responds.


I keep hearing about Jasper Fforde, but I’ve never read his stuff. where is a good place to start?

It’s always really cool to get an e-mail back from an author. You’d think they’d all be really geeked to get fan mail! Cory Doctorow has always been very vocal and communicative with his (cult) fan base.


This is very jealous making… How did you get “The Prince of Thorns” already. NOT FAIR.


I FedEx’d the publishers a home made pumpkin pie with gingersnap crust. 😉


Anubis Gate by Powers, a re-read for you or a first time? I loved that book and I hope you enjoy it greatly either way…


Anubis Gates will be a reread, it’s the book that got me addicted to Tim Powers years ago. I’ve been reading a lot of alt history/history fiction/historical fantasy stuff lately, so I figured it was time to go back to the author who got me hooked on that genre. I want to read Last Call again sometime soon, another Powers favorite of mine!


ooo… You have Prince of Thorns. Lucky you! I am looking forward to reading that book.


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