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Fellow bloggers and book reviewers, have you ever said to yourself

“uggh, I have no idea how to review this book!”


“I need to review this book, but I have zero motivation to get started on writing the review!”

To those of you who are book lovers but haven’t taken the plunge into blogging or semi-serious reviewing, have you ever wondered what the secret is to writing a review, and writing them consistently?

One simple trick is the answer to all of the above.

You ready for it?

I can only give you this answer if you promise to do the following:

let me know if you’ve ever done something similar and if it has worked for you

if this has worked for you, makes sure all your friends know about this one weird trick so it can help them too.

Because from time to time, we’ve all struggled with writing reviews.


Are you ready?


are you sure you’re ready?

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