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I’m the opposite of crafty, but I did grow up making paper snowflakes and loops of paper chains. All winter our house was covered in paper snowflakes.   As a kid, we’d cut paper into  a square, fold it diagonal, then fold it diagonal again, then start snipping.  get some cute 4 sided symmetrical snowflakes, and some fugly ones.  but wait, real snowflakes are 6 sided symmetry!!


Six sided symmetry didn’t defeat me for the gearflakes I made,  so it’s time to make some 6 sided symmetrical snowflakes.


I used silvery wrapping paper cuz it’s shiny.  I traced circles with a little plate, and cut them out.



Then I made a taco out of the circles, and then folded the tacos into thirds.  fold in half, then fold in thirds, that means now I have 6 wedges.  that’s the end of the math required, I promise.


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Holiday decorations take-down-ing getting you down?  Winter is just beginning, so why not decorate your home with paper snowflakes? It was all the rage when I was a kid in the 80’s.

Into Steampunk? create yourself some steampunk gear snowflakes!  I call ’em GearFlakes.  They are easy to make, require zero fancy tools, and you can have a lot of fun setting them up in geared patterns on your window.  Let the whole neighborhood know a steampunk geek lives here! You don’t even need a compass. or a protractor. I promise.  It’s six way symmetry steampunk awesome.

What’s this you say? you want step by step instructions?  Today, and today only, your wish is my command!

you’ll need:

sharp scissors
two bowls, one larger than the other (Or I suppose you could use a compass, if you really, really wanted to)

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Wordless Wednesday? Photoshop Phridays?  

I dub today to be Cool Shit Thursday.  Last night I finished Kameron Hurley’s (@kameronhurley) new novel God’s War, and I haven’t started the review yet.  I feel bad that I haven’t posted here in a few days,  so here is some cool shit for you.   It’s all interesting, I promise.

Impatient?  scroll to the bottom.  There is something there you will WANT to see.    TRUST ME.

We had an ice storm earlier this week.  Nothing really out of the ordinary for our part of the country. Anyway, a HUGE tree came down in a local playground . . .  

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