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Did I miss anything?

oh yes,  Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton!  Also Dionysus and Mithra!  yay, presents and birthday candles all around.

We made latkes (cheese cloth is your friend. as is ventilation), we made Stollen (soak fruit in rum for an hour? bah! try all afternoon!), I totally hearted the geek out love on The Nerdist on BBC last night and will be watching Doctor Who all evening while eating greasy carb filled Chinese food. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Chris Hardwick’s interview with David Tennant was adorable. Also, not the only reason I watched the show. you can listen to the whole thing here

Cuz I’m lighting ye olde Chanukiah I got to open prezzies last week.  Husband and I exchanged mostly gag gifts, and he managed to find what I am now calling the best gift EVAR.  behold, the Frank Lewis book of Crosswords!  A cryptography and crossword building genius, the late Frank Lewis created The Nation crossword every week until shortly before his death. Not for the faint of heart, so far I’ve gotten one clue on the first puzzle. I figure I’ll finish this crossword book sometime around the year 2058. It is teh brainteasing awesome.

and on the subject of polar opposites I’ve been reading M.D. Lachlan’s Fenrir along side Tina Fey’s Bossypants.   I couldn’t get enough of Lachlan’s Wolfsangel, and I’ve a major girl crush on Tina Fey.  and Liz Lemon? totally my workplace role model. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but oh well.  Review of Fenrir should go up in a few days, as I haven’t even finished it yet.

the Vintage Science Fiction not a challenge starts next week, and if I’m going to make my goals, I better start reading NOW.  it’s not the books, it’s the business trips. I wonder if the library has any Asimov, Norton, or Heinlein audiobooks?

and just for random fun, here are some random holiday geek out pictures for you:

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Wolfsangel by M.D. Lachlan

published in March 2011

where I got it: library










Even in the largest of Viking villages, there isn’t much to do.  Farm, fish, train, raid, repeat, and even the Norse Gods get bored sometimes.  And what better cure for a god’s boredom than having themselves born into a human body and forgetting who and what they are?  As long as Odin, all father, all hater, and ultimate God of War, welcomes his dead warriors to Valhalla, most Vikings don’t really care what he does in his spare time.

Wolfsangel is a brutal and visceral retelling of ancient Norse mythology, and Lachlan had me hooked in the first chapter with teeth didn’t let go until the final page.  Exquisitely violent, this is not a book for the faint of heart. I don’t think Odin would accept anything less.

In desperate need of a male heir, King Authun follows a prophecy to towards a child rumored to be stolen from the Gods. Instead, he finds identical infant twins, and their scarred mother. The Witches of the mountains allow Authun to keep one child, and they keep the mother and the other child for themselves.  One boy is raised as Prince and then ward, the other is raised by the wolfmen in the wilderness.

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The Wolf Age, by James Enge

Published in 2010

Where I got it:  received review copy from PYR.

Why I read it: I enjoy Enge’s Morlock short stories, and have previously reviewed his Blood of Ambrose

Eminently readable as a stand-alone novel, there’s a lot going on in  The Wolf Age. A lot of plot, a lot of subplot, a lot of subterfuge and characterization and trope-bashing and wonderfulness. I’m going to keep my plot comments minimal, so as to not spoil anything, and more importantly so I can get to the meat of what’s going on here.

The as promised, spoiler-free plot summary: When Morlock tries to rescue some slaves, he finds himself captured, and having had a glass spike hammered into his head he loses his Sight, and gains the mother of all headaches. Thrown into prison in the werewolf city of Wuruyaaria, Morlock is seen as a freak, and is used to terrify the other prisoners. One prison break later,and Morlock is living with some other escapees in the slums outside the city walls. And it’s an election year. Ever been to an election in a werewolf city? They are dangerous, loud, full of muckraking, and occasionally violent. Actually, not so foreign feeling after all.

And maybe it doesn’t matter, but the Strange Gods and the werewolf maker God Ulugaariu are having a little war over the fate Wuruyaaria as well. The Strange Gods don’t really care about the men who follow them, almost as much as Ulugaariu does care about the werewolves who follow him. You will love the Strange Gods and all their flaws. itsy bitsy spoiler – you’ll meet Ulugaaria and witness some truly beautiful and heartbreaking dialog.

But none of that is really the meat of what’s going on here.

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