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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, by Ranmaru Kotone

published in 2009

where I got it: purchased new

why I read it: loved the movie







Makoto is a relatively normal high school girl, she gets decent grades, she helps her Mom and her Aunty, she hangs out with her friends after school.  Too bad she’s got the worst sense of timing ever. She burns food in cooking class and does badly on an exam because she can’t figure out how much time is remaining to finish the questions.

while helping to clean up a classroom one afternoon, she thinks she sees a flash of light in the next room. But of course, it was nothing. On the way home, she loses control of her bicycle and falls into the path of an oncoming train.

And then wakes up as if nothing happened.

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first things first, the xXx in xXxHolic (sometimes known as triple ex holic, or just “holic”) has nothing to do with anything adult or dirty, and even less to do with Vin Diesel. The “xxx” is a way of saying “anything can go here”. And we’ll get to what that’s all about in a bit.

Somewhere in the city, there is an old house. Surrounded by skyscrapers and the noise of the city, the walled yard keeps some people away, and invites others in. Sometimes, people who have never even noticed the house are drawn to it, something telling them they need to stop in, right now.

High school student Watanuke tries so hard to be a normal student. But it’s tough, when spirits and ghosts plague him day in and day out. How is he supposed to take the adorable Himawara out on a date with spirits chasing him down the street? Walking home one day, Watanuke can’t help but explore the old fashioned house in the walled yard.

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Welcome to Graphic Novel November! A month of graphic novels, manga, and other illustrated fun! Check the main Graphic Novels / Manga page for the full list of reviews and other fun stuff.

One of the best selling shojo titles, Ai Yazawa’s Nana follows two friends along their path to their dreams. Sometimes the path to your dream takes the long way around, and as Yazawa loves to remind us, sometimes what you thought you wanted isn’t want you really wanted at all. Full of friendship, partying, fashion and drama, you can’t help but fall in love with Nana and Nana. I usually say “I don’t like any of that girly crap”, and then I read some Ai Yazawa, and now I can’t get enough of the stuff.

We spend the first half of Nana Vol 1 getting to know Nana Komastu, a 19 year old love hungry teenager. After spending all of high school falling in love with any guy who would give her a second glance, Nana wants to start fresh. She attends a technical art school (in western terms, this would be a community college or vo-tech school) with her best friend Junko, and instantly falls for the handsome Shoji. But Nana is self centered, clueless, disorganized, and a horrible student. For Nana, “school” is all about drinking and partying, so it comes as no surprise to anyone but her when she doesn’t get into any Tokyo art universities. As her relationship with Shoji starts to fall apart, and Junko prepares to leave for art school in Tokyo, Nana is afraid to be left behind in their home town. Her and Shoji try to make the long distance relationship thing work, and when the time is right, she’ll do her best and move to Tokyo!
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