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What better time to close out Deep Space Nine season 3, than with the close of the calendar year?  And? there’s now a DS9 Rewatch page at the top with links to all my previous posts! neat!

(also, I have ulterior motives. There’s a very specific S4 episode that is a MUST WATCH during Vintage Scifi month!)

I zipped through the last 6 episodes of the season, so these are going to be fairly short episode summaries. Unless, you really do want to read 3000 some words of me talking about how much I love Avery Brooks? We ah, can totally do that!


The Die is Cast (ep 21) – This is part two of “Improbable Cause”. Odo and Garak are embroiled with Enebran Tain, the previous leader of the Obsidian Order. Tain has welcomed Garak back with open arms and imprisoned Odo. In the interest of time, let’s get right to the scene that this episode revolves around. Tain needs information out of Odo about the location of the Founders, and Garak is going to get the information out of him, one way or another: through torture. At first, Odo laughs off Garak’s attemps, because he doesn’t feel pain or hunger the way humanoids do. So Garak brings in a machine that stops Odo’s ability to change into a liquid state, and he just sits there and waits. How long can a shape shifter go, without reverting back to a liquid state to rest? No one knows. I kept expecting this scene to give me Babylon 5 Londo torturing G’kar vibes, but Garak and Odo are not and never have been friends, so it was more a Sand dan Glokta scene. Odo stuck it out, and what he did reveal to Garak wasn’t what Garak expected. And me? I feel betrayed by Garak, even though I should have seen that betrayal coming right from day one. Garak has the ability to be nice, but he is a horrible human being. I don’t know how to feel about him, I feel very betrayed. I know it was make up and special effects, but I can’t bear to put up an image of Odo being tortured, so here’s a pic of the two of them, pre-torture. I’m a sensitive soul, ok?

Odo, you have no idea what’s coming, do you?

There is a whole ton more big plot stuff that happens in this episode – Enebran Tain teaming up with the Romulans, their fleet going through the wormhole to attack the Founder’s homeworld, the Jem’Hadar defending the planet, Sisko bringing the Defiant in to try to rescue Odo, and a fantastic twist/betrayal that I didn’t see coming. The closing scene of the episode, Garak apologizes to Odo, and the two of them seem to reconcile. Well, I don’t feel apologized to. I’m still pissed at Garak, on behalf of Odo.

Explorers (ep 22) – A much needed light-hearted episode after the heaviness of The Die is Cast! Sisko has learned of the blue prints of an ancient Bajoran light-ship, that supposedly used solar sails to fly from Bajor all the way to Cardassia. Needing a creative outlet, Sisko decides to build the ship, and hopes that Jake will go along with him on their adventure. At first, Jake is reluctant to go, but eventually agrees to the trip. Meanwhile, Bashir is intensely nervous, because he’s about to come face to face with Dr. Elizabeth Lense, who was first in their class. Bashir would have been valedictorian if it hadn’t been for that one wrong test answer! He both loves his assignment on DS9, and is also jealous / resentful of Dr Lense’s opportunities.

is that a gorgeous ship OR WHAT

Sisko builds the light-ship, and O’Brien keeps telling him this hunk of junk will never be spaceworthy. It looks like a beautiful outer space sailboat, in my opinion! Sisko is insistent on flying the light-ship, and if they run into trouble they can just beam back to the station, or someone can come get them. And off they go! It’s a beautitful scene to watch the sails unfurl, and to see Sisko and Jake finally have some uninterrupted family time. Jake has news for his father! He’s been accepted into a college level writing program! But if he goes, he worries his father will be all alone. And yes, the light-ship runs into problems, just like the ancient Bajorans likely ran into. They get caught in some kind of techno-babble storm, lose their communications and navigation array, and are welcomed into Cardassian space. The Cardassians are forced to admit that ancient Bajorans were technically savvy enough to fly on solar sails to Cardassian space! And Bashir does meet with Dr. Lense. She’s proud of what she does, but also kinda bored, and she’s a bit jealous of him, since he had the opportunity to work directly with epidemiology on Bajor, and truly help save lives. I hope we see Dr. Lense again, she seemed to be a positive influence on Bashir’s recent downiness.

Family Business (ep 23) – hoo boy is this episode problematic! An auditor shows up at Quark’s bar, says he’s in deep shit for something his mom did, and Quark better financially clean this up, right now. What did his mom do, that was so terrible? She ran a business and made money, and in the Ferengi culture, it is illegal for women to have money, own property, own businesses, and wow does it get worse. Quark and Rom head off to the homeworld, to knock some sense into their mother, Ishka. What greets them is horror upon horror, not only is Ishka speaking directly to a man she’s not related to (the auditor), but she has the gall to wear clothes. Yes! In Ferengi culture, women do not wear clothing. Or, I assume, leave the house? But, thanks to computers and her brain for business, Ishka has managed to amass a small fortune. And as punishment for her crime, Quark has to pay back all the profits she earned. There’s explanation and “it’s our culture, we were raised this way”, and that Ishka has a great head for business, but wow, I couldn’t get past the problematic-ness. In later seasons, Ishka literally saves the Ferengi economy, but will she get any respect at all for it? I guess we’ll see.

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