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one's ring ON the one ring

Happy Saturday everyone!  If it’s an autumnal Saturday, that means it’s time for a Lord of the Rings discussion.  We’re in the middle part of The Two Towers, and this week’s questions were provided by Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings.

At this point in the story, our Fellowship has been split, with Sam and Frodo heading towards Mordor and everyone else heading towards Isengard.

1.  The Glittering Caves of Aglarond; Fangorn Forest:  Which of the two would you be most excited to visit once the war was over?

2.  How did you like the reunion of at least part of the fellowship at Isengard?  Did any part of it stand out to you?

3.  What are your thoughts about Galdalf’s confrontation with Saruman?

4.  We learn a great deal about the Palantir in this section.  How do you feel about Saruman given Gandalf’s speech about the use of the Palantir?  Would you, like Pippen, be tempted to look in to see what you could see?

5.  What are your thoughts about Smeagol/Gollum in this first part of his journey leading Frodo and Sam?  For those of you who’ve seen the film, are you hearing Andy Serkis in your head when you read Gollum’s lines?

6.  Sam and Frodo are not traveling in the most picturesque part of Middle-earth.  Which would you find worse, the seemingly impossible to leave mountains or the Dead Marshes?

7.  Tolkien introduces us to a lot of places in this section of The Two Towers, many just getting a mention in passing.  What do you think of Tolkien’s place names (Minas Morgul, Isengard, the Emyn Muil, and on and on)?  Do any stand out to you?  Are there any that you don’t care for?

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Link your post in the comments, or tweet it to me.  Once again, thank you for joining us on our journey to Middle Earth!

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Welcome to our read along for J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings. Most of us just started reading The Two Towers (some of us, who messed up the dates, started reading it 2 weeks ago, and finished the section yesterday).  This week’s questions were supplied by Clint of Geeky Daddy, and he came up with some great ones!

What is your favorite part of The Two Towers, thus far into the book?
What were your thoughts of Boromir trying to defend Merry and Pippin from Orc archers?
Would thoughts would have been going through your mind if you were approached by Treebeard?
What were your thoughts and reactions of the battle at the Hornburg?
Do you like it that Tolkien has split the Company into three mini-quests? Do you wonder if the company will be together throughout the quest again?

Answers and discussion after the jump!

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where we going again?

Welcome to our final discussion on J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring.

Over the last 3 weeks, we met Frodo and watched as he discovered the power of the Ring. We witnessed his fleeing of the shire, how his friends made it clear they would help him and go with him every step the way. The further Frodo got from the home, the more dire his quest began to look.  At Elrond’s council it was decided that the Ring must be destroyed before its creator can find it.  Past Rivendell was the mines of Moria, something deep and dark and dangerous and the loss of Gandalf.  And then to Lothlorien, elven city and home of Galadriel.  But even the safety of Lothlorien must be left behind if the Ring of power is to be destroyed.

This story started out so bright and happy. Happy little hobbits leading happy little lives enjoy happy little birthday parties. Could Frodo have ever imagined his uncle’s magic ring would take him so far? It’s suddenly become much bigger than the shire, much bigger than Hobbits or Dwarves or Men or Elves. Everything is at stake.

It was my job to come up with discussion questions this week and I ended up just sending out “starters”-  thoughts that popped into my head, or parts in the story where I had an emotional reaction.  If you got the e-mail, you can pick and choose what to talk about, that way everyone’s posts are a little different.

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We’ll be starting the second book in the series in a week or so, so stay tuned!

For my post, I’d like to talk about the two characters who kept getting my attention: Galadriel and Boromir.

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Hi Everyone, it’s an autumnal feeling Saturday, which means it’s time for a Lord of the Rings discussion! This weeks discussion covered the middle part of The Fellowship of the Ring. This week’s questions were supplied by Geeky Daddy.

Join in anytime by expressing interesting in the comments of this post, or tweeting myself or Geeky Daddy.

Our story so far: Frodo knows what he has, his friends won’t leave his side, they travel to Rivendell to meet with Elrond. Along the way, they meet a mysterious man named Strider, who tells them that he is a friend of Gandalf.

At Rivendell, it’s decided the only way to stop the power of the ring is to destroy it. The only fires hot enough to melt it are those in which it was forged. The ring-bearer must travel to Mount Doom, behind the eyes of the enemy, to destroy the single ring of power.

And on to the discussion questions!

1. What was your initial thoughts of Strider/Aragorn when Hobbits met up with him in The Prancing Pony? Did you think that he was linked with the Riders?
2.What was the biggest surprised to you during this section of the Fellowship of the Ring?
3.Do you like that Tolkien goes in depth and tells the readers of the history events of the war that is upon the Fellowship?
4. How far do you think you would have lasted if you were Frodo and nearly becoming a Rider?
5. As dangerous quest unfold to become, the other hobbits want to stick by Frodo til the end. Would you sacrifice yourself and stick with Frodo til the end?

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my answers after the jump!

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Welcome to our Lord of The Rings read along!  This discussion follows the first 8 chapters of The Fellowship the Ring.  Post your answers in the comments below and/or leave a link to your blog.

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It’s not too late to join in!  leave a comment or tweet me or Geeky Daddy.

This is my first time reading Lord of the Rings, my only experience being the films, and being married to a LOTR super-fan. So I’ve gotten little bits and pieces here and there about what to expect, but I’m new to everything else.  I’d been warned that the first portions of The Fellowship of the Ring are on the slow side. Sure, it felt a little episodic, but not slow by any means.  So far I’m really enjoying the book!

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and on to the discussion starters. . .

1. Hobbits seem to have songs for everything!  I didn’t realize this was a musical. . . . how are you liking all the songs?

2. I love that we learn about Gollum and his past so early on. It gives a dark and foreboding (dare I say, perilous?) feeling to the whole thing. Were you surprised that the story took a dive towards the dark and scary so quickly?

3. Tom Bombadil!  what and who is he???  If you met him in a forest, would you trust him?

4. What did you think when Pippin, Merry and Sam told Frodo about their “conspiracy”, and that they pretty much knew what he was planning from the beginning?

5. What’s your favorite part of the book so far?

my answers, after the jump!

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because you’re not busy enough with the R.I.P. challenge, come join Geeky Daddy and me on our read-along of JRR Tolkien’s famous Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Because everyone has different versions, we’ll be referring to the chapter names in each book.  Think 7-9 chapters per week, 3-4 weeks per book,  with discussion questions going out on Thursdays and fun discussions back and forth every Saturday.

Here’s the breakdown for The Fellowship of The Ring:

1st week A long Expected Party thru Fog on the Barrows down (8 chapters), discussion starts on SEPT 10.
2nd week At the sign of the prancing Pony thru The Ring Goes South (7 chapters), Discussion starts on SEPT 17
3rd week  A Journey in the Dark thru The Breaking of the Fellowship (7 chapters), discussion starts on SEPT 24

Stay tuned for reading schedules for the The Two Towers and The Return of the King and later The Children of Hurin.

We hope you’ll join us whether this is your first read of the trilogy or your 10th.  If you’ve already signed up no need to sign up again, although you’re still welcome to post in the comments!  (you’re already signed up if you kept getting annoying e-mails from me last month during our The Hobbit read-along)

Haven’t signed up yet and want to?  it’s easy!  post a reply in the comments in this thread or on Geeky Daddy’s blog, or tweet either one of us and we’ll add you to the mailing list.  It’s going to be a blast, we hope you’ll join us!

hmmm…   as a LOTR virgin, I think I’m gonna go read this Wikipedia article on Middle Earth.

forget Mordor, I’m scared shitless of Shelob.

a 1938 ad for The Hobbit

Hi Everyone,   welcome to the final portion of our read-along of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. We  hope you enjoyed your journey to Middle Earth, and hope you’ll join us for our upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy read along. If you haven’t already signed up, just post a comment in this post or over here at Geeky Daddy, or you can tweet me or Geeky Daddy and we can add you that way.

This week’s discussion questions were provided by Clint at Geeky Daddy who I’m so thankful for this week. In the middle of my e-mail meltdown, Clint took the helm and rescued the day and has already started organizing the chapter breakdown  discussions for the trilogy. Go Clint!!

and three. . .   two . . . one. . . discuss!

What were your thoughts of how Smaug was killed? If you did not like it what
do you think Tolkien could have done differently?
Were you satisfied with the ending of *The Hobbit*?
What or who was your favorite part of the book?
What were your thoughts when Bilbo gave Bard the Arkenstone of Thrain?
After reading the book will you be going to see The Hobbit in theaters?

(BTW, the photos in this post are from The Annotated Hobbit, edited by Douglas Anderson, who my husband and I were lucky enough to meet last weekend. Mr. Anderson was a ball to talk to, and he autographed the book for us. If you’re a Tolkien fan, I highly recommend both The Annotated Hobbit, and Anderson’s “Tales before Tolkien”.  Good stuff.)

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(Leave a link to your discussion in the comments, and I’ll edit the post to include your link.)

Read my answers and see the discussion after the jump!

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