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I didn’t have another Vintage SciFi Month post planned. . .  until I yesterday afternoon when I listened to a very fun episode of RadioLab.   (and yes, I listen to podcasts the same way I read anthologies: in random order)


The title of the episode was just War of the Worlds, and I could guess what it was about, but the episode was a million times more fun than I expected!   Sorry, Yes, this blog post is one huge advertisement for their hella fun War of the Worlds episode and for RadioLab in general.


Maybe you already know this timeline?

1898:  H.G. Wells writes War of the Worlds.

1938: Orson Welles does his Oct 30th radio broadcast of his version of War of the Worlds, which takes Wells’ story and makes it sort of news-y.


Right at the beginning of the broadcast,  Welles announces that this is a science fiction story,  and then at the end of the broadcast he announces it again.  He and his radio crew assumed they were giving people a fun Halloween scare.  And yet, people freak the hell out any way.

The Radiolab hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich go into all sorts of fun historical detail about how how Newspaper and Radio were not friends, and “We interrupt this broadcast for an important news bulletin” was really new at the time, and how listeners would channel surf the same way we channel surf today.


It’s just a damn good podcast episode.


They talk about how the police station fielded hundreds of calls from people worried about a Martian invasion, and how people swore they saw smoke above the city. People had convinced themselves that they saw something, and they didn’t see anything! because nothing was actually happening!  And that Welles had no idea that he’d scared the shit out of people until the next morning when he read the newspapers.


The hosts then asked what I thought (boy was I wrong!) was a rather silly question:  Could someone pull this same stunt again?  Could someone trick listeners into thinking a radio drama about an obviously fake event was real?


um, Yes.


Two more times, actually!

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