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Where have I been this last week?

At my parent’s house in Maryland.  Had a great time, got to spend time with my adorable niece who is the cutest little girl in the whole world, got to visit with Lesley Conner of Apex Book Company . .  . .  and got to spent in total about 22 hours in the car.  it was a long drive made easy by the Ohio and PA turnpike, and good weather.  Driving through the mountains is fun!

also, podcasts kept me from pulling my hair out.

So, i SUCK at listening to podcasts.  Audiobooks put me to sleep, and podcasts usually make me feel guilty about not reading enough, or self caring enough, or not whatevering enough.  I don’t want a podcast that’s like a radio station’s morning show, where it’s all in jokes and personalities I’m supposed to already know. Let it be known that i am THE WORST at listening to science fiction themed podcasts. see: guilt at not reading or not liking what the hosts are super excited about.  I’ve been on science fiction podcasts! I enjoy being on science fiction podcasts! I just suck at listening to them.  I think us Sci-Fi’ers love the sound of our own voices just a little too much sometimes.

I wanted podcasts that were going to keep my attention, keep me awake, teach me about something I don’t know much about, and be fun to listen to.

Here are the ones that kept me engaged:


Ologies – where has this podcast been all my life? I LOVED the podcasts on linguistics and etymology, and enjoyed the one on personality tests. I downloaded a bunch of others but haven’t gotten to them yet.


The Uncertain Hour – i love the tagline of this podcast so much that I’ve started using this line at work “because the things we fight the most about are the things we know the least  about”.  The first season was on things you don’t know about Welfare.  The second season is about how and why we have government regulation. that sounds SO BORING, but the journalist who does this podcast makes it sound super interesting!  Season 3 is about the Opioid Crisis, and that one may be too depressing for me to listen to.


99% Invisible – The  sound quality of these episodes seems a bit all over the place, but the information is really neat. I listened to an episode about Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonia houses, one about San Francisco’s Chinatown, one about double-eyelid surgery, and one about the history of color. The color one was less interesting than I’d hoped, the other two were really interesting.


I didn’t listen to The Dream on this roadtrip, but that is another podcast I really enjoyed. She takes on Pyramid /Multilevel Marketing schemes. fun stuff!


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