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We just watched the movie “The Fountain”.

I enjoyed it, but my other half enjoyed it muchly.  he says:

“If you have an imagination and you’re not afraid to stretch it, and if you’re willing to let a movie take you on a ride, a story , a journey, give The Fountain a chance. I don’t think the critics gave it enough of a change, it is definitely worth seeing.

The visuals and sound effects work together perfectly and complimented the story on the screen.   the visuals and music were beautiful, but unimportant. what was important was the journey the viewer is taken on during the 2 hour film.  even though it’s nothing like a Bernardo Bertolucci movie, it reminds me of his work – it’s not translating a play and writing it into a movie, it’s writing something that’s meant to be a movie, and only a movie.

If they made this a book, you’d know too many things.  If you know – you won’t experience. knowledge in some cases inhibits our ability to experience the world around us.  And this movie expresses that, like a Bertolucci movie, or like 2001, or even Princess Mononoke.”

I liked it too, but he liked it more.  For me it was very pretty, and very meta.  and i’m really feeling that meta these days.  in fact, “meta” might be my word for 2011.

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