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GraphicNovelNovember continues with some industry chat. . . .

When I bought the most recent volume of Girl Genius, I gave the clerk my debit card and said “receipt in the bag. I don’t want to know.” I waited till I got out to the car before having a heart attack at the price.

I love Otomo’s Akira, but I didn’t know which was scarier, the motorcycle gangs, or the price tag (although I notice the price has recently plummeted on Amazon).

One of my recent purchases was only fifteen dollars, and I was thrilled at how cheap it seemed compared to everything else I was drooling over.

I look at my shelves of manga and graphic novels and think about how much money I’ve sunken into that collection over the years. Money I could put towards my school loan. Or a down payment on a new car. Or Shoes.

I can get a 200+ page Manga for ten bucks and massmarket paperback for $7, so why are Comics, Graphic Novels and webcomic books so bleeding expensive?? At fifteen to twenty-five bucks a piece, it gets mighty expensive mighty fast to find out what happens at the end.

Why are they so expensive? There’s a handful of reasons. . . .

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Incredible Super Buttery Nuggat?  I would so eat that.

Ikea’s Somewhat Burnt Nutella?  I would so NOT eat that.

International Superficial Blockbuster News?  Don’t we already have this?

Itty Snitty Bitty Numbers?  you’re getting close!

Or, something far less interesting, the International Standard Book Number.

Pick up any modern* book, look for the bar code on the back.  See the numbers above or below?  That’s the ISBN – 10 or 13 digits, and unique to that edition.  It’s a searchable field on Amazon, and is 100% percent required for any book that wants to be sold in any bookstore, online, or catalogued in any library.  You can thank our obsession with organization, computers, and the gazillions of books that are published every year for that.   

* Modern???   Maybe the book you picked up was printed before 1970 (I have a lot of these), or maybe it was printed outside the US/UK/Western Europe (I have a few of these), or it might be a newer,  uber-custom print. In that case, it may not have an ISBN.  Good luck cataloging that baby on Goodreads, Shelfari or Librarything.

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