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Hello February!  You are officially the month wherein I start complaining that winter has gone on too long.


January though, was fantastic!  Vintage Science Fiction month was a rousing success as always, the quieter conversations were balanced out by a very fun watch-along of the 1984 movie of Dune, seen for the first time by many.  Every January I also attend ConFusion, a fan run science fiction convention in the Detroit suburbs.


The promise I made to myself in the days before ConFusion were “you don’t have to do it all. Do whatever you want, and not a bit more”.  I tend to exhaust myself at these events, going to too many panels in a row without eating, trying to meet all the people,  suffering from fear of missing out if i don’t make an appearance at every event, feeling socially awkward because I really don’t know that many people and yadda yadda. So this year I hung out with my friends, worked some shifts at the Apex table in the vendor room, attended very few panels, ditched the hotel entirely on Friday night to visit my favorite sushi restaurant and have a drink at my friend’s bar, didn’t push myself to do to much, and had a fantastic time.


Here’s the thing tho – I have a bunch of neat memories and they are all smushed together. I don’t know what conversations happened with who, or what exactly was said in which panel, or what came together in my brain when to come up with what ideas.  It’s become a congealed memory blob.


In one of these panels – Disaster Response in Science Fiction, Philosophy in Science Fiction, and Game Boards in Scifi and Fantasy, there was a tiny aside about the 3 types of conflict:


Person vs another person

Person vs nature

Person vs themself


In that same panel, or perhaps a different one, I though about or maybe made mention that First Contact with aliens will challenge everything we think we know.


Thanks to the congealed memory blob in my brain, all of that combined to:


Won’t first contact be the ultimate of “Person vs themselves”?  Anyone involved with first contact would have to be able to separate themselves from everything they think they know, all of their assumptions, all their preconceived notions, all those easy “well, what *should* happen is. . . “ thoughts.  You’ve got to get past all those barriers within yourself before you can understand someone else.  You’ve got to be willing to bare yourself, or communication will never happen. Wanna talk with aliens?  You gotta defeat yourself first.


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