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  • airships
  • airships with zombies on them
  • carnies

what if all that awesome stuff was jammed into one book?  well good news, IT IS! And I reviewed it, just for you!  head over to SFSignal to read my review of Odd Men Out by Matt Betts.

odd men out

The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern

published Sept 2011

Where I got it: the library

Why I read it:  Cuz everyone is doing it.






Le Cirque de Reves, the Circus of Dreams, follows no set schedule.  It simply appears where it needs to be.  Circus tents in stark black and white stripes tempt you from your every day doings to visit a magical place that only opens at night. Tents might feature illusionists, or contortionists, or trees ablaze with wishes or bottles full of places. You never know until you look, and you better take advantage of it while you can, for it will disappear without notice.

Really, how could anyone possibly say no to that?  Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus has been getting buckets of attention lately.  I saw an entire end cap  of this book at Barnes and Noble the other day, a wall of black and white and red and silver, you couldn’t not stop as you walked by.  I watched people approach tentatively, pick up a book, look at it, and smile. It was as if they were petting kittens for the first time.

But I suppose the concept of this story isn’t unlike a soft purring kitten with eyes you could drown in:

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