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Remember I said I wanted all my favorite characters, all in the same place,  but I didn’t think this could ever happen because I was afraid we’d never see Lewis again?


Also, I probably wouldn’t be able to handle the emotions of having everyone together, because OMG these characters!  And dude. Have you met me? I might be all tough and crusty on the outside, but I’m a squishy ball of squishy cry-y emotions on the inside.


In The Sons of Heaven, the year 2355 has arrived, and everyone is here for it.  Everyone needs to know what happens, and everyone believes their side will win.


The Sons of Heaven is my Avengers:Endgame.


I was not ready.


With minimal spoilers,  here are my thoughts as I progressed through the book.


  1.  This title seems kind of arrogant?
  2. LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. Awww,  Latif, you sure had a glow up!
  4. What exactly has happened to Nicholas and Alec?
  5. Edward is kind of a dick.
  6. Wait, WHO is having a baby???  How is this going to work, actually?
  7. I need a novel that is all Budu all the time.  He’s being a good dad to Joseph.
  8. Uhh. .  should we tell Bugleg who he’s genetically related to?  Can you imagine if 23andMe existed in this world?
  9. Parenthood really does change you.
  10. LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Edward being even more of a Victorian dick.  Why are you being such an asshole?
  12. For the first time in a long time, Joseph knows exactly what he’s doing and why.
  13. Bwahaha,  tweens and their hormones!
  14. HELLO NICHOLAS.  So, how’s this gonna work?  Actually, who cares! I’m good with it!
  15. Victor,  what are you planning?
  16. Hearst? To be honest I’m pretty meh about him.
  17. I’m sorry Ancilla, but David never really loved you.
  18. Does the Captain have another ace up his sleeve? Kinda thought he might?
  19. Victor!!!!
  20. The title.  It makes sense. It’s still arrogant AF, but it makes sense now.
  21. July 9th, 2355.  The silence has fallen.
  22. If it hadn’t been for the power of story, Tiara wouldn’t have known who the tall man was. It’s a good thing someone told her all those stories. It’s a good thing someone wrote all those stories!
  23. This ending is not what I expected but I love everything about it, I’m going to go cry now.
  24. There is a Doctor Who quote I want to say, but it is a HUGE spoiler so I’ll keep it to myself.
  25. I love this series, I love Mendoza, I love Nicholas, I love Joseph, I love Lewis.


That’s it,  that’s the not-review  of The Sons of Heaven.


I’ve been avoiding reading this book for ten years, because I thought if i knew how the series ended, that I wouldn’t have any reason to revisit it. I worried that knowing the ending would wreck the journey for me.  (you guys KNOW how I struggle with endings!!!)


But? I’m good.  I’m way more OK than I expected.   Might have to read the end of The Sons of Heaven again, because it was that damn good.  And I’ve still got The Empress of Mars, Not Less than Gods, and two short story collections to read.  So yeah, I know how the main plot line ends (or oh shit, is there more??), but I’ve got more journey and more story to read.  I get to explore more nooks and crannies of the world.


Oh yeah, and I tried to make butter.


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