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That was one helluva February, wasn’t it?   I wanted to again thank everyone who was involved with our Book of Apex Volume 4 blog tour.  You are the ones who made all the magic happen.

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I recently had the opportunity to get to know Matt, from 52 Book Reviews, a little better. Father, scifi/fantasy fan, and all around cool guy, Matt is pretty new to the blogging community.  This is his first year blogging, but he’s been on GoodReads for ages, and I think he has more Goodreads reviews up than the number of books I own.   Matt has recently reviewed the newest short story collection from Saladin Ahmed, Wool by Hugh Howey, and has a very in-depth interview with Ken Scholes as well. have you bookmarked 52 Book Reviews yet? It’s cool, I’ll wait.

Here’s my interview with Matt:

LRR: your blog is fairly new, what made you decide to start blogging about books?

52BR: Obviously, I read a lot. I can’t think of a time when I haven’t had at least one or two books in process in the last ten years or so. What is not so obvious is that I have always dreamed of being a writer. After two abortive attempts at a novel, I decided to channel my need to write in a slightly different direction, and writing about books seemed the best fit. I already volunteer book recommendations to my family, friends, and strangers in the bookstore, so I thought why not do it online to a bigger audience of strangers. At least they won’t look at me funny, like some of the folks in the bookstore.

LRR: Your blog might be new, but you’ve got hundreds of books on Goodreads, going back years! I’m not on Goodreads, do you recommend it an online community that book bloggers should all be involved with?

52BR: To be honest, up until now I’ve only used Goodreads to keep a record of what I read. No one was more shocked than me to find out just how many books I’ve read. These days I’m posting my reviews on the site and have seen a small uptick in hits since then. But nothing beats networking with other bloggers in my experience.

LRR: What are your favorite genres to read and review?

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thanks to some helpful blog buddes, here is how to get rid the checkboxes that have been causing me to swear uncontrollably and turn to drink:

Dashboard – Settings – Discussion.  Scroll all the way  to the bottom to the section called “Follow Comments”. Uncheck “show follow comments option in Comment Form”, and then uncheck “Follow blog in Comment form”.  Save changes.

Dashboard – Settings – Reading. Under Follower Settings, uncheck “show follow button to logged out users”.

my e-mail inbox already feels much better.  and lighter.

I don’t know about you, but my e-mail inbox has been making me feel really, really popular.  A little too popular in fact.

WordPress blogs love me so much that I get an e-mail every time I post on a comment, and every time someone else posts on a blog post that I commented on Perhaps you saw my rant on Twitter the other night.

how many wordpress blogs are in your reader? it adds up to a metric ton of e-mail notification, doesn’t it?  I  never even noticed it before, but there are two checkboxes under the the comment box. One check box asks if you want to be notified of posts via e-mail, the other asks if you want to be notified of comments via e-mail. They both used to always default to unchecked, so you had to opt-in to an e-mail subscription. Guess what: now they intermittently default to checked.  Yup, now you have to opt-out.

I’m going to give WordPress the benefit of the doubt, and hope this isn’t a permanent change, the type of which I like to call “pulling a facebook”.

In the meantime, whenever you comment on my blog, or on anyone else’s WordPress, make sure you are looking at those check boxes (they don’t appear until you click your cursor in the comment field) and un-check them.

your e-mail inbox and your sanity will thank you.

Attention WordPress friends: In your dashboard, go under Settings and then Discussion. All the way at the bottom is a “reply” field. This is where you can invite people to leave responses, and remind them to uncheck those little boxes of evil.

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