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The lovely Mieneke of A Fantastical Librarian interviewed me!  see my goofy answers and a photo of my sagging and unorganized bookshelves.

While you’re over there, check out the rest of her wonderful blogger query articles, and learn about more folks in our vibrant community. Mieneke also has a great giveaway going right now for James Maxey’s HUSH. You can learn more about HUSH and GREATSHADOW here as well.

and since it seems to be turning into a link soup type of post, how many titles from the Fantasy Mistress Works list have you read?


Why don’t I watch more tv? Television is easy, available, and often populated by handsome people. Sometimes I wonder if I haven’t got a smidge of ye olde attention deficit disorder. I can curl up on the sofa reading and not move for three hours, but pay attention to a one hour tv show? Yikes.  Or maybe it’s all the insultingly stupid commercials.  there are some great TV shows out there, many available sans adverts on Netflix and other streaming services. So what the hell is my problem?  stay tuned for a drunken essay* on this.

If what we read has some connection to escapism and wish fulfillment, what the fuck is wrong with me? I crave ultra dark fiction, the darker, the stranger, and the more dangerous, the better. I’m not talking blood and guts or serial killers, I’m talking the dark, tragic and painful kind, full of betrayal and heartbreak.  If like me, you’ve been outed as someone who likes that type of thing, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  What the fuck is wrong with me? I certainly don’t want to live rough, bathe only when it rains, steal stuff, starve, live in a cemetery, climb drainpipes in the rain, sleep under bridges, fall off horses, have a price put on my head, get betrayed, get chased by unnatural creatures, chill out with hookers, get tortured, get papercuts, get paid to hurt someone else, get blackmailed by sorcerers, or run through the woods while barefoot. I’m as far as a person can get from being an antihero haunted by violence or regret.  I’m a slightly odd but very nice person with a cushy life, a steady job, and the best husband on the planet. I’m a total wuss who won’t even walk to the mailbox barefoot.  So again, WTF? or maybe what we read has nothing at all to do with wish fulfillment?

oh wait, I do have a regret: not taking more literature classes in high school and college.  Also, I played some really crappy cards the other nigh tin Ticket to Ride: India.  ok, two teensy silly regrets easily fixed by next semester’s community college course catalog and a board game rematch.
My overly cluttered apartment is driving me crazy. Time for some spring cleaning, which means some of these books have got to go. It looks like a library sorting room exploded in here. Me thinks there may be some give aways of gently read books happening here soon. stay tuned.

With the spiffy blog, i’m always feeling pressured to read new things, which means my favorite rarely get reread.  Other blogger buddies, how do you solve this?  Do you reread at your whim?

Speaking of wish fulfillment,  if you attended a scifi-fantasy convention, how likely would you be to attend a panel about blogging?

*you’ve been drinking, so it seems like the most amazing piece of writing in the world. And then you wake up and read it sober, and wonder what the fuck were you thinking? Those aren’t even sentences! Is that even English?

I’m happy to say, 2011 was a hella awesome year for me:

– Was my first full calendar year blogging, in which I posted 104 reviews

– I joined Twitter

– I got my first blurb on a book

– I got a promotion at work (ok, not blog related, actually, blog detrimental, but still cool)

– I got really inventive in finding new places in the house to stash books (such as inside the TV stand).

– I participated in two read alongs. We read Dune over the summer, and The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings trilogy this autumn. If you’ve never participated in a read along, they are great fun!

I hope all my bloggy friends had a wonderful 2011 as well, and here’s to all of us having an even better 2012!


But did I reach any of my reading and blogging goals for this year? What about those pesky bookish New Years Resolutions? Way back in December of last year,  I proposed that 2011 be the year of “reading what I’ve got”.  Fewer trips to the library, fewer trips to the local bookstore, and more trips to the bookshelf for titles I’d purchased once upon a time, but never read.  I must have had some time on my hands, because I managed to count up everything I owned, and figure out how much of it I’d read.

So, did I make any headway on reading more books that I owned?  Does buying a ton of books and getting some ARCs in the mail skew the results? Cuz I bought a metric sh*t-ton of books. and got a handful of ARCs.  I’m not going to count everything I own again, but we can look at the stats of what I reviewed:

of the 104 books I reviewed in 2011:

20 were off my bookshelves
28 were purchased (either new or used)
36 were borrowed from the library or borrowed from friends
20 were ARC’s received from publishers or authors

That New Year’s resolution to “read what I got” instead of buying and borrowing new-to-me titles? Can you say Epic Fail?  It’s not my fault tho. . .  all my bloggy friends posting reviews of books that looked awesome that I just HAD to read! and with Valente and Kent and Rothfuss and Hodder and Stephenson coming out with new stuff like every five minutes, what’s a girl to do?

I better come up with something more realistic for 2012. Like join a gym (ha! like that’s gonna happen!).

So what are you gonna be up to in 2012?

If you’re a book blogger, know a book blogger, read a book blogger, or simply think that book blogs are cool, post this as your status.  oh, wait, this isn’t facebook?  😉

but it’s still Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

My favorite book blogger appreciation week event (and actually, the only one I participate in) is the interview swap.  It’s super fun and easy, you sign up, and they partner you up with another awesome blogger to chat with a bit.  kinda like, but for bloggers, and like, not romantic?  My partner this year is the hilarious Alison from Piling on the Books.   You can read her interview with me on her site, and while you’re over there, make sure to check out her Wizard of Oz blog posts. Alison is teh soopah cool. and i got to interview her!

It must be heaven working in a library, surrounded by all those books!  How has being at the library affected how you blog and what books you read?

Oh my word, I have got to stop working at a library (not really!).  I did a post about a month and a half ago about thirteen booksI had brought home from the library after cataloging them, and I’m just about ready to put up another one!  That’s crazy but also good, because for a while I was only reading books that I had already read a review of, and I find it very exciting to delve into a book without someone else’s opinion coloring my view.  It’s also fun to be the first person to read and persuade others to read an awesome book!

more with Alison, after the jump!

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Good news everybody!

scrolling through the blog for the last few weeks, I’m not seeing much of my favorite thing: book reviews.

do I love books less? no!

do I love scifi or fantasy less? hell to the no!!

has my personal schedule gotten a little out of control lately? ummmm, yeah.

here’s the personal post I promised myself I would never put out there, but if the face of this blog is going to change, I want you to know why. because I’m a damn egotist, that’s why. And because this is my little corner of the infinite interwebs, and I can do whatever the hell I want with it.

Say it like you’re professor Farnsworth and your pants are pulled up to your armpits and you’ve already forgotten which drawer you put the doomsday device in: Good News Everybody!

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Yesterday, I led you to believe that blogging/reading can lead to anti social behavior.  It wasn’t a lie by any means, and we had a good laugh, and many of you hit on where the next direction I was taking this.

We’ve all had the experience of asking our friends and acquaintances what they read, often to have half of them say they haven’t finished a book since college, and the other half reads authors that don’t interest you in the slightest. And don’t worry, they feel the same way about your  M John Harrison, Tim Powers, and Cathrynne M. Valente. We’ve all been known at one point in our life as that weird person who reads those kinds of books

Our homes and apartments are often overflowing with books, many of us are on a first name basis with local librarians and probably carry more than one library card. We’re often fluent in the language of interlibrary loan.  There isn’t much we won’t do for our fix.

Bibiophiling and blogging the results can often highlight our genre specific tastes, sometimes making it even more difficult to make book friends “in real life”.

But we’ve got WordPress, blogger, twitter, facebook, and tumblr, who needs old fashioned socializing in real life? In some ways, us bloggers are the pioneers of the new social. We’ve massaged wordpress to find new bookfriends for us (yay tag surfer!), we know the ins and outs of twitter beyond following Jon Stewart and Perez Hilton.

Our main goal in this blogosphere experiment is to find people who have similar interests as we do. People who like vampire steampunk, or new weird, or alternate history or epic fantasy or hard SF or whatever. Beyond the hours of reading every week, we’re spending additional hours writing blog posts or podcasts (or both!), commenting on the articles written by friends, and communicating via twitter. Many of us have had personal conversations with the authors that got us addicted to our genre of choice in the first place. We send fanmail, we go to conventions, we’re active in forums.

Yes, I said hours. That’s in, more than one hour, every single day. And if that’s not a commitment to being social, I don’t know what is.

Blogging isn’t anti-social: it’s the new social.

I know i’m not the first (or second, or third or tenth or hundredth) person to come up with this, but does reading (and then book blogging) enable antisocial activity? Sure, we talk about books we read and enjoy, and often start conversations with strangers over the summer reading table at Barnes & Noble, but that’s like a 10 minute conversation only after 8 hours of reading.

I’m already a fairly non-social person, does my love for reading (a solitary activity if ever there was one) enable me to be even less social? I’m not a complete hermit, I do hang out with friends quite often (well, often for me). I do get out of the house. But compared to a lot of people I know, I’m pretty non-social.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the company of others. Just sometimes I enjoy my book more.

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Here’s to everyone having had a great 2010, and us all having an even better 2011!

that said, you’ll never be in a reading rut again. Why, you ask? because I’ve compiled an epic list of everyone’s BEST SPECULATIVE FICTION reads for 2010! bookmark this page, and anytime you find yourself not having anything to read, or not knowing what to read, click on any of the links below for some of the best reads of 2010, some of the best cover art for 2010, and a few humorous paragraphs on disappointing reads of 2010.

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Book Blogger Hop

Hosted by Crazy for Books, the blog hop is a fun way to say Hi to book bloggers you already know, and meet new friends.

If this is your first time at Little Red Reviewer, Welcome! I review mostly scifi, fantasy, new weird, graphic novels, a litle bit of non fiction, and if you know where to look, even a little romance. Take a look around, check out the review index, make your self at home.

I’m getting super excited for November, when it’ll be Manga and Graphic Novel November around here. Check out the Manga and Graphic Novels link at the very top for more info. Is gonna be awesome!

Anyways, back to the hop. This week’s question is:

“Where is your favorite place to read? Curled up on the sofa, in bed, in the garden?”

My most favorite place is where I am right now. On the comfy sofa, with a coffee within reach. I so love this old squishy comfy sofa. We got it for free a few years ago when some friends at work were getting new furniture, and it’s so ugly, such a peice of garbage, and it’s falling apart. But it’s so squishy (terrible for your back!) and so comfy if you’re sitting sideways (like I am right now). My husband and I fight over who gets to sit in this spot when we’re watching tv. and the coffee maker just told me something wonderful is ready. 🙂

When the weather is nice, I do enjoy sitting outside and reading, but I hardly ever get anything actually read, because there are so many wonderful distractions out there. look at the bird! look at the flower! look, there’s my neighbor! hey, you can hear the train! look at the tree! look at the bug! I’m like a chipmunk on speed out there.





Thanks to a recent Friday Blog Hop question I know a lot of you are doing a lot on twitter,  and I’m contemplating taking the plunge. 

Time for some crowdsourcing.

Calling all tweeters. . . .

what are your thoughts on twitter? 

how often do you tweet? once per blog post, whenever you feel like it, other?

how much time do you put into twitter above and beyond the time you spend blogging?

what do you get out of twitter that you haven’t gotten out of regular blogging?

Do you see twitter as a fad, or something long term?

is twitter worth it?

How has tweeting changed how you communicate with other bloggers, and/or find new blogs?

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some of the books reviewed here were free ARCs supplied by publishers/authors/other groups. Some of the books here I got from the library. the rest I *gasp!* actually paid for. I'll do my best to let you know what's what.