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because you’re not busy enough with the R.I.P. challenge, come join Geeky Daddy and me on our read-along of JRR Tolkien’s famous Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Because everyone has different versions, we’ll be referring to the chapter names in each book.  Think 7-9 chapters per week, 3-4 weeks per book,  with discussion questions going out on Thursdays and fun discussions back and forth every Saturday.

Here’s the breakdown for The Fellowship of The Ring:

1st week A long Expected Party thru Fog on the Barrows down (8 chapters), discussion starts on SEPT 10.
2nd week At the sign of the prancing Pony thru The Ring Goes South (7 chapters), Discussion starts on SEPT 17
3rd week  A Journey in the Dark thru The Breaking of the Fellowship (7 chapters), discussion starts on SEPT 24

Stay tuned for reading schedules for the The Two Towers and The Return of the King and later The Children of Hurin.

We hope you’ll join us whether this is your first read of the trilogy or your 10th.  If you’ve already signed up no need to sign up again, although you’re still welcome to post in the comments!  (you’re already signed up if you kept getting annoying e-mails from me last month during our The Hobbit read-along)

Haven’t signed up yet and want to?  it’s easy!  post a reply in the comments in this thread or on Geeky Daddy’s blog, or tweet either one of us and we’ll add you to the mailing list.  It’s going to be a blast, we hope you’ll join us!

hmmm…   as a LOTR virgin, I think I’m gonna go read this Wikipedia article on Middle Earth.

forget Mordor, I’m scared shitless of Shelob.

a 1938 ad for The Hobbit

Hi Everyone,   welcome to the final portion of our read-along of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. We  hope you enjoyed your journey to Middle Earth, and hope you’ll join us for our upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy read along. If you haven’t already signed up, just post a comment in this post or over here at Geeky Daddy, or you can tweet me or Geeky Daddy and we can add you that way.

This week’s discussion questions were provided by Clint at Geeky Daddy who I’m so thankful for this week. In the middle of my e-mail meltdown, Clint took the helm and rescued the day and has already started organizing the chapter breakdown  discussions for the trilogy. Go Clint!!

and three. . .   two . . . one. . . discuss!

What were your thoughts of how Smaug was killed? If you did not like it what
do you think Tolkien could have done differently?
Were you satisfied with the ending of *The Hobbit*?
What or who was your favorite part of the book?
What were your thoughts when Bilbo gave Bard the Arkenstone of Thrain?
After reading the book will you be going to see The Hobbit in theaters?

(BTW, the photos in this post are from The Annotated Hobbit, edited by Douglas Anderson, who my husband and I were lucky enough to meet last weekend. Mr. Anderson was a ball to talk to, and he autographed the book for us. If you’re a Tolkien fan, I highly recommend both The Annotated Hobbit, and Anderson’s “Tales before Tolkien”.  Good stuff.)

Other discussions can be found at:
Geeky Daddy
The Blue Fairy’s Bookshelf

(Leave a link to your discussion in the comments, and I’ll edit the post to include your link.)

Read my answers and see the discussion after the jump!

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you know how Indy hates snakes? I’m like that with spiders.  When I see ’em in the apartment, someone else hasta squish ’em. And if no one else is around, I vacuum ’em up, and then throw the vacuum out.  Ok, not exactly, but you get the picture.

I for one, am shocked! i say shocked! that I survived the spider scenes in The Hobbit. I could barely get past the spider scenes in Harry Potter, and those were (sort of) nice spiders!

Anyways, welcome to part 2 of our The Hobbit read along! Interested in joining? sign up here, or here.  We’ll be picking up The Lord of the Rings trilogy next month, so there’s more excitement to come!

This week’s discussion questions are for the middle-ish chunk of The Hobbit:

there’s some thought that Gandalf purposely didn’t prepare the dwarves and Bilbo very well, that much of their trials is him testing them. What do you think of that theory, and what do you think he’s testing/preparing them for?

what did you think of Bilbo’s escape plan from the Wood-Elves?

do you like Tolkien’s writing style?

What did you think of Smaug? how does he compare to other fantasy novel dragons you’ve come across?

How in the world is a hobbit and a bunch of unorganized dwarves who have hardly any weapons going to defeat an angry and greedy dragon??

Everyone else’s responses:
The Blue Fairy’s Bookshelf
Geeky Daddy

Leave your comments and a link to your answers below!

that's actually really creepy looking!

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Welcome to our The Hobbit read-along, part one! These questions are for chapters 1-7.  Post your answers here, or on your own site.  If you do a post, leave your link in the comments, and Geeky Daddy and myself will edit our co-hosting pages to include a direct link to your post.

Interested in joining us in our epic journey through JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit and  The Lord of the Rings ? It’s easy! Check out the reading schedule here, sign up here, or here, or leave a link in the comments to your blog discussions post, and we’ll add you to the mailing list.

This week’s questions were provided by Geeky Daddy:

1. What were your expectations starting The Hobbit ?(If you never read it before)
(For those who have read the Hobbit) Did you learn something during reading that you missed from the last time you read it?

2. What would have been your thoughts if 13 strangers came in your house and wanted to fed and housed in a moments notice?

3. What has been your favorite part of Bilbo’s journey so far?

4. Where do you think the group would be without Gandalf?

Visit these other blogs for their discussions:

Geeky Daddy

My answers, after the jump!

my preciousssss. . . .

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ready for some really epic, high fantasy?   I know I am!  good thing too, as our The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings read along starts today!  co-hosting by yours truly and GeekyDaddy, sign up here, or here.  No Pressure if you’re already involved in other things, we’ll be taking two to three weeks to read each book, starting a new one on the first of each upcoming month, with discussions/questions/etc on the weekends.

Never read The Hobbit or LOTR? now’s your chance!  Read it before and loved it?  here’s your chance to spread the love!  read it before and weren’t so sure? Give it another try, this time w/friends. 🙂

Just so you know, I’m a total LOTR virgin.   Saw the movies, but really, all I was watching was Viggo.

Iz gonna be awesome.

and for once, I’m happy I’m not a cat.

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