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interviews! and unpacking! and a gross tree!

Posted on: May 6, 2021

Looking for some satisfying fast reads? I gotcha!

At Apex Magazine I recently interviewed A.K. Hudson about her twisty story The Life and Death of Mia Fremont: Interview with a Killer. The interview gets fairly spoilery, so I suggest reading the story first. and then you tell me:

Who killed Mia Fremont?

LOL, and then just TRY not to walk around all day making Twin Peaks references!

Over at Nerds of a Feather, I recently interviewed Suyi Davies Okungbowa about his new novel Son of the Storm, and I also recently interviewed Sue Burke about her forthcoming novel Immunity Index.

Unpacking is going very slowly. I’m back to work full time, every day we remember something we need at the hardware store, we’re moving things into better spots in the kitchen, and who wants to unpack when I can walk around our beautiful backyard, getting to meet all the trees? (except the nightmare tree)

I did end up opening a few random boxes looking for some nice bedtime reading, and found my ancient copy of the novelization of the movie Alien. Maybe not the best bedtime reading because it is scary, but I’ve read this book probably 6 times, and seen the moving probably 30 times, so nothing in this book is going to surprise me!

My husband started unpacking our manga and graphic novels, and I came across a copy of XXXHolic by CLAMP, and I remembered that I really enjoy that series and that I never finished it. the first omnibus I picked up was #2, and that’s ok because I’m pretty familiar with how the story starts, so I feel comfortable starting with #2. I better find the next half dozen omnibuses! omnibusi? omnibusae?

Anyway, this is a great series with beautiful artwork and fun quirky characters. Some nice throwback vibes too, as it has cross over moments to Cardcaptor Sakura!

Thanks to playing everyone’s favorite twitter game “anyone know what this tree is?” I’ve learned that I have a few dogwood trees on the west side of the house, and an overgrown lilac bush-tree-thing out back.  And then there is this tree that will live rent free in my  nightmares for ever.  At the end of each branch are large growths that are the size of large slugs or caterpillars, only 50 times larger.  I don’t know if these things are chrysalises? or a disease?  and leaves are trying to grow out of some of these things?

Last time I tried to upload the picture to wordpress, wordpress crashed and ran away. So i’ll just link you to a photo, and brave tree doctors can click and try to diagnose what’s happening with this poor tree.

gross tree

should I cut this thing down? Or will that just piss off the malevolent spirits that have taken up residence inside it?


Anyways, what are y’all up to? 

9 Responses to "interviews! and unpacking! and a gross tree!"

Alien as a comfort read? 😬🧐 Next time, you tell me that Hellraiser is your heartwarming romance flick. 🤣
I‘m currently waiting for Spring. It seems to have been one Wednesday this year. Even my cherry tree doesn’t bloom. This week has seen an autumn storm like in November. 🤬


lol, I don’t think I’d describe it quite as a comfort read. . . but it is a fast and familiar read that doesn’t require any thinking. finished it last night and picked up that Manga.

very cold spring here too, so far. it was one degree above freezing and foggy when i woke up this morning. the Irises are trying to bloom, and the poor dogwood must be freezing.


Aw, I still couldn’t see the pic of the tree 😦

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i think i fixed the link, so try again (at your own risk!). originally I had it going to an image on twitter, and now the image is saved to WordPress.

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Whatever it is, I hope you don’t cut it down! If there’s a local extension service, they may be able to help you ID the tree?

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Part of being a homeowner and a Very Serious Adult is obsessing over trees. Pondering tree management will now consume 5-10% of your free time.

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can i spend 30% of my time just pondering the trees? they gentle way they sway in the wind, how the leaves unfurl, it’s so damn peaceful.

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We lived in our Michigan house for three years and cut exactly one branch. Tree management is mostly pondering.


I was able to access the pic…it’s a little hard to see…could it be an old caterpillar nest?


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