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Deep Space 9, Season 4!

Posted on: April 11, 2021

Yay for Deep Space Nine streaming on Netflix!  LOL, I guess it’s always been streaming on Netflix, I just didn’t realize it?  Something I appreciate about these older shows is the the older sound mixing technology, stay with me on this for a few sentences, ok?  You watch new stuff, and the people’s voices are a whisper, but the music and explosions blow you out the room. I’ve tried every setting on my sound bar, and the voices keep getting quieter and fuzzier and the sound effects keep getting louder.  I have ZERO patience for fucking with sound bar settings, actually, less than zero. The only solution I’ve come up with is to watch it with the subtitles on, so I can hear the characters whispering.  Older shows?  The sound technology is old enough that people speak at a normal volume, and the sound effects and music are also a normal volume. I can enjoy the show without having to spent 30 minutes fucking with the sound settings.  I still watch nearly everything with the subtitles on, but for a very different reason.

Anyway, let’s dish about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, season 4!  Time for some Klingons, politicking, diplomacy, and illegal use of cloaking devices! 

The Way of the Warrior (eps 1 and 2) –  Season 4 starts out with a political bang!  The Klingon Empire has convinced themselves that Cardassia has been taken over by the Founders, because of course no civilians could possibly oust the Obisidian Order without outside help. So they are going to invade Cardassia to expose the foreigners and also protect the Alpha Quandrant from the Dominion!  And before you know it, Deep Space Nine is crawling with Klingons, and everyone on the station  is increasingly nervous.  Worf comes aboard Deep Space Nine (Michael Dorn I love you so much!!!) as a sort of cultural ambassador between the Federation an the Klingons, and Worf himself is stuck between two worlds. He still hasn’t gotten over the loss of the Enterprise-D, he feels he has to tone down his Klingon-ness to be accepted by the Federation, and he feels that he can’t go home because too many Klingons view him as too human/gone soft.  Worf’s personal plight hits me right in the feels. Everyone wants Worf on their side because of who he is and what he knows, but he still feels the outsider.

The Klingons start to doubt their invasion plans after Sisko reminds them of the Federation-Klingon alliance they are about to jeopardize. Oh, and Sisko and Kasidy’s relationship is going so well!  So much happens in these two episodes!!  Technically, the Cardassians are the Federation’s enemies, or at least we aren’t in a treaty with them, so what obligation do we have, to warn them of a possible invasion by the Klingons?  But Sisko feels obligated to lower casualties if at all possible, so in a brilliant sneaky way, he manages to get the information to Gul Dukat.   The second part of this two-parter is solid action, space battles, high stakes diplomacy, and chases through space.  The Klingons are everywhere and harassing every ship they come across, Sisko is trying to get the remains of the Cardassian government out alive, and it becomes a game of how good is your cloaking device. Freakin’ fantastic season opener!


The Visitor (ep 3) –  Everyone except me loves this episode. Guest star is Tony Todd (Tony Todd!!) playing adult Jake, it’s a loving family story about how Jake’s love for this father is stronger than anything. I’m really struggling with my feelings for this episode.  On the one hand, it’s a beautiful and emotional story of familial love, and in the alternate timeline we get to see Captain Nog and and elderly Dax and Bashir nagging each other.  On the other hand, since I knew this was an alternate timeline, I really struggled to get invested in the story, I struggled to get invested in Jake’s story.  After a timeline splits off, an orphaned and now grown up Jake becomes a published writer, and always believes that his father is alive somehow.  He eventually retires from writing to research what happened to his father. When Jake is much older, one of his fans, Melanie, shows up at his house, he invites her in, and offers to tell her his life story. The scenes between Older Jake and Melanie struck me as awkward and repetitive.   So yes, I’m the asshole who didn’t care for the episode that was nominated for an Emmy and a Hugo, so I’m just going to shut up now and start talking about another episode.

(my problem with this episode was likely the context I brought to it, i.e.; user error.  Coming right off Way of the Warrior I was expecting politics, space battles,  diplomacy, story arc moving forward etc. And having spent way too much time on booktwitter, the idea of a fan randomly showing up at an author’s house and said author inviting a complete stranger in, in the moment it struck me as absurd)


Hippocratic Oath (Ep 4) – Bashir and O’Brien are flying somewhere, and they end up landing on a planet which turns out to be a hidden Jem’Hadar base!   When the leader of the Jem’Hadar group learns that Bashir is a doctor, he demands his help to help the soldiers survive without the Ketracel-white drug.  Some background for why being free of that drug is so important (I love shit like this!) – the Founder genetically engineered the Jem’Hadar to lack a necessary enzyme. The enzyme is only found in Ketracel-white, and only the Founders supply the highly addictive drug.  Take the drug and survive to be an enslaved soldier for another day, or don’t take the drug and die. It’s no wonder the Jem’Hadar are willing to do just about anything to free themselves of the addictive, and maybe gain some control of their own fate.  O’Brien is disgusted that Bashir is willing to help the Jem’Hadar, his philosophy is why would we help our own enemy, shouldn’t we want them to be without the drug, so they can die. Bashir’s attitude is that he’s a doctor, so if someone is in need of medical help, his job is to help them. Doesn’t matter if the person is an enemy or not, they deserve medical attention.  Bashir and O’Brien’s relationship becomes very strained,  will they still be friends afterwards? What do you do, when a close friend has such different political and philosophical viewpoints? Can the friendship survive?  This episode is tightly focused, and I loved it. 

Indiscretion (ep 5) – Any episode that is Kira and Dukat bickering at each other is pure entertainment!  I really hate my fascination with Dukat, because he’s such an asshole, but I’m always like “what he is gonna do next???”.  But could he maybe be just slightly less of a total bag of dicks?   Kira learns that a prison ship that’s been missing for years may have landed safely on a planet, and there may still be survivors.  Dukat receives the same information, and for a secretive reason he insists on going with Kira to investigate, saying something like “personal reasons are often the strongest way to get someone to do something”, so does he have a personal reason, to go find some prison ship that crash landed somewhere??  He is madly in love with the sound of his own voice, and the only way Kira can get him to shut up is to say she plans to meditate for the entire trip.    Meanwhile, Kasidy is thinking of taking a job closer to the station, and Dax suggests she get quarters on the station.  The relationship is moving faster than Sisko planned, and he ends up acting like an absolute idiot.  Damn, I thought the relationship between Bashir and O’Brien was strained, these two are showing us how that’s really done!

Kira and Dukat arrive on the planet and finds the ruins of the prison ship and Kira learns Dukat’s secret:  His Bajoran mistress and their daughter were on that ship, he had hoped to send them away to live peacefully on some planet somewhere. If his daughter is still alive, Dukat plans to kill her, to hide his secret and protect his career.  Kira can’t decide which grosses her out more – that a Bajoran woman was willing to sleep with Dukat or that Dukat is planning to kill his own daughter. That woman couldn’t possibly have loved Dukat, could she? This episode is solid soap opera fodder!   Spoiler:  his daughter is still alive, and he doesn’t kill her. But now what? What’s Dukat’s wife and children going to think when he shows up “Hey fam, here’s my illegitimate daughter by a Bajoran, aren’t her nose ridges adorable?”.  And it’s getting harder and harder for Kira to see Dukat as a pure villain. He’s a person too.  What happens when you start to see your enemy as a person? And even worse, Kira is eventually going to realize that Dukat has better luck with romantic relationships than she does.  there’s always been this weird (and unexpectedly funny) sexual tension between the two of them, where Dukat is like “yeah, I’d hit that”, and she’s like “I’m gonna go throw up now”. Someone has got to have written a fan script where the two of them are housemates in college, and college humor and hijinks abound. no one has written that? are you kidding?


Stay tuned, for more Deep Space Nine

10 Responses to "Deep Space 9, Season 4!"

Tony Todd!!!!! (Okay, okay, I’ll go nerd out about Deep Space Nine offline *laugh*) How cool that it’s on Netflix!

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you can totally nerd out right here about Deep Space Nine!

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Tony Todd was in an episode of Andromeda that I just watched. Tony Todd singing a sea shanty?–Priceless! It’s probably one of my favourite episodes!

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he’s in episodes of everything! and him singing a sea-shanty? omg YES PLEASE!


The episode was called “The Lone and Level Sands” and I replayed that bit so many times!

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I remember him from the X-Files!

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You’re making me want to watch DS9….
And OH MY GOSH I so agree about the sound. I have to turn it way up to hear the dialogue and then I get surprise-blasted by noise! Aaarrgghh!


Subtitles are about to become your best friend.


I do like subtitles! But I also like embroidering while I watch TV, and that means my eyes are often elsewhere, unable to read. :/ This is probably why a lot of stitchers like podcasts…

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