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Meanwhile . . .

Posted on: April 8, 2021


I realized I’ve been watching Deep Space 9 Season 4, and not blogged any of that.  Need to fix that one of these days. 

I finished Hench, by Natalie Zina Walschots,  it’s fantastic.  I wasn’t expecting this book to be a leadership/management/career talk book, but it kinda is? 

Do you like author interviews? of course you do!  Over at Nerds of a Feather I interviewed Elly Bangs about her new book Unity,  and over at Apex Magazine I interviewed Annie Neugebauer about her short story “If Those Ragged Feet Won’t Run”. (earworm? you’re welcome!)

we’re still packing packing packing. 30-ish  boxes of books so far. Found some paperbacks that won’t be coming with us, and also found a good cause to donate them to:

appalachian prison book project

not sure what I’m going to do first at the new house. Should I:

grill everything because we’ll finally be able to have a grill outdoors


stare at the washing machine because I can now do laundry any time I want

meet the neighbors and offer them something off the grill

figure out what all each light switch is connected to

buy more food to grill

7 Responses to "Meanwhile . . ."

Enjoy the hours and hours you will spend trying to figure out which light switches and which lights go together.


so. many. light switches.

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Happy New Home!!! ❤

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so. many. boxes. and somehow there is still more crap to pack??

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I hate to say it, but we’ve been in our new home 5 years and there’re still a couple of boxes left to unpack! Good luck! 😘

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we’ve been in this apartment for 5 or 6 years, and we there’s a good half dozen boxes we never unpacked. Old yearbooks, old photos, old college textbooks. I got rid of the old college textbooks.

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Ha! Poor unpacked boxes, there must be a couple in every home, languishing at the back of a cupboard or in an attic … awww. 😂

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